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With improved technology comes an increase in the methods available for obtaining someone else’s identity for one’s own personal financial gain. As the occurrence of identity theft increases, so does media attention generated by such cases. Prosecutors are vigorous in their pursuit of convictions for those accused. If you are facing these charges, you owe it to yourself to find a federal identity theft attorney who will organize a defense with even greater vigor. For defense against identity theft and any other federal criminal charges, contact Terry Eaton Attorney at Law.

Understanding Identity Theft

Identity theft and identity fraud are terms used to describe actions in which an individual wrongfully obtains someone else’s personal identifying information and uses that data in some way (involving fraud or deception) for personal gain. This could include but is not limited to; taking a credit card out in someone else’s name, using another person’s social security number to obtain credit, posing as someone else to gain access to accounts, or posing as another person to avoid detection by police. Please also visit our Maryland site for more information.

Some identity theft offenses result in thousands of dollars in losses for the victim. Others may involve the trafficking of false identifying information (driver’s licenses, social security cards) to undocumented immigrants. Identity Theft Defense Attorney in DCOften, identity theft is carried out entirely online without the victim’s knowledge that his or her personal security has been breached.

If you have been formally charged, or if you suspect that you might be under investigation for a crime, it is important to contact competent legal representation. If you believe you may have been involved in illegal activity, be proactive in your defense. Contact an identity theft lawyer for assistance.

The Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act

If you are accused of fraudulently obtaining the personal identifying information and using or attempting to use that information, you will likely face federal criminal charges. Under the Identity Theft Penalty Enhancement Act, certain actions are designated as aggravated identity theft and are subject to mandatory minimum prison sentences. Identity theft and the possession of another’s personal identifying information are crimes in and of themselves. This means that a sentence for identity theft is in addition to any penalties accrued from committing an associated crime. For example, if one misappropriates another’s identity and uses that information to commit mail fraud, he or she may be convicted of both identity theft and mail fraud and receive separate penalties for each crime. The team of white collar defense attorneys at our firm can help you understand the charges that are being levied against you. They can explore every angle of your case to build the strongest possible defense against federal criminal charges, working tirelessly to bring your case to its optimum resolution.

Immediate and Future Penalties

With prison sentences of up to 15 years and mandatory minimum enhancements added for certain offenses, a federal identity theft charge is a serious matter. Even beyond legal penalties, there can be damage done to one’s personal and professional reputations, and a criminal record that creates personal difficulties far exceeding the reach of the prison term. We understand the seriousness of your criminal charge and undertake each case with a dedication to protecting your rights and your livelihood in the face of criminal accusations.

It is not difficult to unknowingly become the victim of identity fraud, and in the same token, there are many things that you might do that constitute identity theft without being totally aware of what you are doing. Identity theft is a very serious crime, but it is still prosecuted even on a small scale. If you have done something that you even just think might constitute identity theft, it is essential that you contact us to review the facts of your case.

Free Consultation with Terry Eaton

In an effort to avoid the most serious consequences, speaking with a federal identity theft lawyer is of the upmost importance. Contact an identify theft lawyer with Terry Eaton Attorney at Law for a no-cost, initial consultation of your case.

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