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Federal Embezzlement Cases in DC

Below, federal embezzlement lawyer answers questions regarding the nature of federal embezzlement charges, the agencies that investigate these allegations, and the type of evidence that is typically used. To learn more about embezzlement on a federal level or to discuss a specific case call our federal criminal defense practice group today to schedule a free consultation.


Embezzlement cases are generally document intensive cases. Usually, the proof is in the documents. You’ll have situations where money was transferred so you’ll have bank records. Perhaps, you’ll have live testimony from witnesses who processed the transactions or who unbeknownst to them aided and assisted in the movement of currency, financial instruments of some kind, or property. Sometimes, there can be video surveillance of the conversion activity but usually there are documents. It’s the papers and bank records that follow the money, as we say in Washington, which leads you to the source of the alleged activity.

Tactics Used by Law Enforcement

One of the things you often see in embezzlement cases are tips to law enforcement. You have a situation where perhaps you have a disgruntled employee that hasn’t been treated fairly, at least in his or her mind. The tipster notices discrepancies at a particular company, or a government contractor, or government agency in how funds are handled and believe that there is some misconduct as a result. Maybe, the tipster will bring that to the attention of the federal law enforcement authorities. The tipster in some cases may claim to be motivated by doing the right thing and in other cases may be motivated by revenge or trying to get back at the person they are snitching on for some perceived slight that the tipster believes occurred. That is common in these types of cases. Usually, these people are referred to as “whistle blowers.”