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Welcome to the RICO Report

Our RICO Report will provide legal practitioners and others (such as law students, law professors and anyone interested in RICO law) all the latest news and developments in the practice areas of criminal and civil RICO law. Here you will find brief summaries of recent court decisions addressing interesting and sometimes controversial developments in the law. Check in from time to time to read feature interviews with RICO practitioners as well as current commentary, including practical tips for handling civil RICO litigation and defending clients who have been charged with criminal RICO offenses.

Be sure to check out one of the first blog entries, where I will summarize a decision in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that reaffirmed principles set forth in case law since the 1990s to not find “distinctness” between a corporate defendant and an enterprise comprised of the corporation and its officers and employees. You can also expect a blog post that will summarize a recent Sixth Circuit court decision using an alternative set of principles to, in that particular case, find sufficient distinctness. Is there a Supreme Court case in the future regarding this issue?  If there is you’ll find our take on the situation, as well as some discussion of the potential implications of such decisions, here.

You might ask why we chose these two particular appellate decisions to launch our blog. The answer is simple: because I — and our team of attorneys are experienced in civil RICO litigation — will act to ensure that a RICO complaint is compliant with “distinctness” principles in order to avoid dismissal of the complaint. Moreover, our attorneys will seek to dismiss any complaint or RICO indictment naming a corporate defendant when the defendant is not “distinct” from the enterprise.

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