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DC Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

In the current age of technology, sex crimes charges can stem from an individual’s online activity. Because of the ambiguity of how certain crimes are charged when they are perpetrated online, they can often be tried in federal court. For someone facing these types of charges, it is incredibly important to seek out and retain a DC federal sex crimes lawyer for guidance. He or she will be able to provide some much-needed insight and advice on how to handle such a case.

With some sex crimes allegations, there are violations of specific federal statutes by definition that make them federal crimes. Some of them can be prosecuted at the state level under different statutes. For example, in a child enticement charge, if the activity is conducted online it is typically brought to federal court. Because it is online, it falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

Sex Crimes Charges and Investigations in DC

One recent trend in federally charged sex crimes is an extended investigation process both before and after a formal arrest. Investigations specifically relate to the receipt or possession of child pornography, online enticement, and/or traveling for the purposes of an illegal sexual act. These charges are prosecuted extensively in federal court and DC law enforcement officials know that finding as much evidence as they can early on means the strong case they can build.

Child Pornography and Child Enticement: The possession and receipt of child pornography is the violation of statutes that prohibit someone from having in their possession, whether digitally or in print, images of a child who is under the age of 18 engaged in a sexual act.

Child enticement is a totally different crime under a different statute. A child enticement charge in DC arises when someone allegedly attempts to persuade or coerce or corruptly influence someone under the age of 18 to engage in a sexual act.

Additionally, there is also the crime of traveling to engage in a sexual act. Travel charges occur under a different statute; the travel has to be between one state and another.

Human Trafficking: Human trafficking is a charge that could be brought under federal statutes. It involves the transportation of people for the purpose of prostitution.

Sex Tourism: Sex tourism charges are allegations of someone traveling to a foreign country to engage in illegal sexual acts.

Inclusion on Sex Offender Registry

If someone is arrested, charged, and/or convicted of a federal sex crime in DC there is always the possibility that the person will be required to register as a sex offender. However, there is no federal or national sex offender registry; they exist at the state level. If a person gets convicted and moves to a different jurisdiction, there can be a requirement that they register with the particular jurisdiction where they moved. If the state has a sex offender registry, someone convicted of a crime living within that state is required to register, if the offense of conviction is a registered offense in that state.

Contact a DC Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crime charges are very serious, regardless of where you are prosecuted. They can also be complicated cases because of the prevalence of the internet and its use as a tool in some sex crime charges. It is imperative that the DC federal sex crimes attorney you choose has relevant experience and understands the issues that arrive in these types of cases. There are cutting edge issues in these types of cases that are related to technology, trends in the law, and cases in different federal circuits. It is very important that the attorney understands and has the relevant experience, in order to effectively handle these cases.

Contacting a federal sex crimes attorney in DC means choosing a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate to fight on your side. Your lawyer will walk you through the process and be with you every step of the way. One of the biggest mistakes someone can make in a case like this is to wait until they are formally charged. Speaking with and retaining a DC sex crimes lawyer even before you are arrested means you get a jump start on your defense. Talk to them to discuss how they can help.

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