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Perjury is generally defined as willfully making false statements while under oath. Thus, if a person allegedly lies in court after promising to tell the truth, they can receive a perjury charge. However, perjury involves more than what a witness says on the stand; it can apply to false statements made in affidavits, civil depositions, and other similar legal documents. Finally, if a person is accused of coercing or forcing another person to lie under oath, they can be prosecuted for subornation of perjury.

If a prosecutor suspects a witness to be lying in federal court, they will not take this lightly. When a DC federal perjury lawyer is on a person’s side, they can help protect a person and their witnesses from the prosecution.

Criminal charges may seem frightening. It is a natural response for a person to try to protect themselves or an accused loved one. However, accusations of lying under oath or making false statements in court documents is a serious crime that is punishable by significant incarceration and fines. Regardless of the circumstances involved in a perjury case, a skilled attorney can help.

When a person is charged with perjury or suspected of being under investigation for perjury, they should consider immediately retaining a qualified federal defense lawyer.

Federal Perjury Explained

A dedicated federal perjury attorney in DC is best-suited to evaluate a person’s case to determine the best course of action for their defense. An attorney will work hard to build a defense that mitigates any wrongdoing on a person’s part while pushing for the optimal outcome of a federal perjury charge.

Perjury is difficult to understand because it involves many different components. The oath a person takes while testifying as well as the information that is provided under oath, are both vital parts of any perjury charge.

As a result, it may be difficult for a person to understand what led them to a potentially life-altering charge. We could help you understand the facts that relate to your perjury case as well as the relevant areas of law that a person has been accused of violating.

No two cases are ever exactly the same, and the charge a person is facing, as well as the penalties that would come along with a conviction, will vary depending on a number of factors unique to the person’s case.

A person’s criminal history, as well as the statements in question, will affect the strategy that a defense attorney will pursue. The best way to understand the services that our attorneys can provide is to contact our firm to schedule a free consultation.

Federal Criminal Defense for Perjury Charges in DC.Perjury Sentencing

In most cases, a conviction in federal court on the charge of perjury will result in up to five years in prison and fines. The penalty for a perjury conviction is in addition to the penalties levied as a result of any related criminal convictions. For example, if a person testifies in their own defense in a narcotics conspiracy case and they are accused of committing perjury, they could face additional prosecution at the conclusion of the narcotics case.

If the person is convicted in both cases, they face the possibility of consecutive sentences. This means that one sentence will commence after the first one concludes. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting a person’s rights and building their defense. If a person is accused of intentionally misleading investigators, prosecutors, or the judge, an experienced DC federal perjury lawyer could present an aggressive defense, and help consider the options available in a perjury case.

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If a person has been charged with perjury in federal court, they should consider retaining skilled legal counsel. Let a DC federal perjury lawyer help. Contact our firm today for a free initial consultation.

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