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A bribe is offering money or a gift to a public official to get that individual to perform a public act that is not consistent with that person’s official duties. An example of bribery can be offering a government contracting officer money to award a person a contract or offering a public official money to provide information that is confidential. It is important to understand that there are a variety of acts that could be considered bribery as well.

Federal bribery charges can lead to significant penalties and long-term repercussions. If you are facing charges, contact a Maryland federal bribery lawyer today. A seasoned fraud attorney could fight for you and offer legal support.

Common Circumstances Leading to Bribery Charges

Charges of bribery can happen in state and federal courts. They can occur in dealing with public officials who are federal government employees, state government employees, and county employees. It can be implicated in dealing with officials for quasi-governmental agencies. There is a range of officials who can be covered by these state and federal laws. For more information, consult with a federal bribery lawyer in Maryland.

What is Extortion?

Extortion is a type of bribery offense. Extortion is someone demanding money for some sort of benefit, in exchange for performing an act. Instead of someone offering the money to get an official to do something illegal, it is the opposite angle of a public official demanding someone pay them in order to get a government contract or government benefit, for example. Extortion scenarios are covered by state law and federal law. Extortion can implicate state, federal, or county employees.

How an Attorney Could Help

If a person is facing charges or is aware that they are under investigation for these kinds of charges, it makes sense to get a Maryland federal bribery lawyer representing them as soon as possible. This is a situation in which procrastinating or dragging their feet does not help, it can make things worse. It is crucial to start putting together their defense as quickly as possible.

With an attorney’s help, they could possibly show the government why they should not bring charges against the person. Therefore, hiring a seasoned lawyer right away is imperative.

If they are indicted, putting their defense together can be very time-consuming and laborious. The defendant’s lawyer wants to have as much time as possible to make that happen effectively, and so an early start is helpful on that front as well, finding witnesses, documents, emails, and phone records. They want to make sure they have enough time to put their information together in the right way. By gathering evidence quickly, a lawyer could build a strong defense.

An attorney could also help with negotiating with prosecutors to get a better deal. Lastly, there may be motions that they must file with the court to protect their rights and their interests.

Contact a Maryland Federal Bribery Attorney Today

A dedicated Maryland federal bribery lawyer could advocate for you and help you reach a favorable outcome in your case. Call today if you are facing charges and set up a consultation.

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