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Prosecution of DC Federal Sex Crimes 

Local prosecutors and law enforcement officials in Washington, DC prosecute federal sex crime charges very intensely. Someone who has been arrested and charged with a federal sex crime should seek out a DC federal sex crime lawyer immediately for assistance. Having a lawyer on your side means having a source of information and guidance throughout the entire process. Call our law office to speak with our team of diligent and experienced defense lawyers for representation.

Prosecutorial Tactics in DC Federal Sex Crime Cases

The main prosecutorial tactic in federal child pornography and child enticement cases is when the prosecution plays the electronic communication, or shows the images, and tries to show as many images as possible. This presents a big challenge because it creates a visceral reaction in the minds of jurors who would understandably react viscerally at some of the images or some of the chats. This the main tactic that prosecutors use in these types cases to influence the jury. A DC federal sex crimes lawyer’s main job is to help the jurors and judge see past the immediate visuals and consider all aspects of the case at hand.

There are a large number of resources brought to bear in these cases, and the prosecutors have a great deal of experience. There is a section of the U.S Attorney’s Office that is devoted solely to prosecuting federal sex crimes. As a result, the prosecutors on this force have accumulated a lot of experience in these types of cases. For someone facing such a charge and such experienced prosecutors, it is vital they seek out a DC federal sex crimes attorney with just as much experience as the prosecutors. Having a lawyer with experience defending you means having someone who knows how the prosecution operates and thus knows how to defend you against their tactics.

Prosecution of Federal Sex Crimes v. DC Sex Crimes

The subject matter is completely different between a federal sex crime charge and a DC sex crime. In D.C. Superior Court, the sex cases prosecuted are the more typical sexual assault allegations; for example, date rape allegations, allegations that somebody physically touched somebody else. It is completely different from the child pornography or online enticement cases prosecuted in federal court; these cases are prosecuted at the federal level due to the ambiguity that surrounds jurisdiction because much of the alleged conduct took place online. For federal charges, it is helpful to hire a DC federal sex crimes lawyer with specific experience handling such cases.

Prosecution’s Evidence

There are discovery rules in place at both the federal and state level that require the government to provide all the evidence that they will rely on at trial, such as the police reports and other documentation or electronic evidence, to the defendant and his/her federal sex crimes lawyer in DC.

Benefit of Hiring a DC Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

It is important to hire an experienced DC federal sex crimes lawyer because the issues are so complicated and are also cutting edge. As a result, the issues change frequently as time progresses. It is important to have an attorney with experience handling these cases who can deal effectively with the different issues that arise.

There is such a huge stigma attached to being accused of a federal sex crime. Clients who face these allegations are affected because they are accused of doing something that everyone uniformly agrees is terrible. An attorney should have experience dealing with a client on that level.

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