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Maryland Federal Conspiracy Investigation Tactics

A conspiracy by its nature involves at least two people. The way that a federal conspiracy case is investigated depends on the type of conspiracy and the type of alleged underlying offense. The FBI is involved in most federal investigations as well as the Central Intelligence Agency. If it is a drug investigation, the FBI agents may work in cooperation with local law enforcement, who may be familiar with some of the individuals and locations involved. If it is a conspiracy to commit tax fraud, then IRS investigators may be involved.

Many federal agencies have specific investigatory divisions. The health care fraud cases are a major area of fraud. The Department of Health and Human Services has a division of investigators who can work with FBI agents and have very specific knowledge of the healthcare laws and types of fraud that are committed. Depending upon the nature of the suspected conspiracy and the area in which the conspiracy occurs, they can work together to conduct an investigation. Consult with an adept defense attorney to learn more about Maryland federal conspiracy investigation tactics.

Tactics or Tools Unique to Maryland Federal Conspiracy Investigations

In addition to the more traditional Maryland federal conspiracy investigation tactics, such as getting search warrants or surveillance warrants and collecting evidence for that type of investigation, conspiracy cases also try to turn participants into criminal informants. This is because the government may want to eliminate or take out the entire conspiracy and certainly the individual or individuals at the center of the conspiracy. They may be willing to make a deal with lower-level participants to achieve that overall goal.

That can be as simple as an interview or it can be wearing a wire and actively collecting information to assist in the investigation. In return, law enforcement may offer leniency, reduced charges, reduced sentences, or even complete immunity depending on the value or potential value of the information.

Law Enforcement Agencies Involved in Federal Conspiracy Investigations

The FBI plays a major role in the investigation of a federal conspiracy. An investigation can involve local law enforcement, local police sheriffs, and others, depending on the suspected crime. If it is a fraud perpetrated against a federal agency, that government agency may have its own investigator to participate and offer some specialized expertise.

Law Enforcement Speaking with an Employer in Maryland

The information about the person’s employment can be critical to an investigation. Speaking with a person’s employer is not necessarily something law enforcement does, but it can be one of the Maryland federal conspiracy investigation tactics they use on a case-by-case basis. However, sometimes it could be an employee of a government agency who is suspected of participating in a conspiracy to defraud that agency.

Investigators may also want to speak directly to the employer either to get a warrant to get information or to find out more about the area that they are investigating. It is not an automatic or necessary part of the investigation to talk to somebody’s employer, but it is something that can happen in certain cases.

Importance of Contacting a Maryland Federal Conspiracy Attorney

If you have been charged with federal conspiracy, you may also be under investigation. It is highly recommended to get in contact with an attorney in order to prepare for the Maryland federal conspiracy investigation tactics which may be used by law enforcement. An attorney can guide you through the investigative process in order to avoid self-incrimination or asking any unnecessary questions asked by law enforcement.

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