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Maryland Federal Drug Trafficking Cases

Drug trafficking is viewed as a public safety hazard. There is a high focus, especially by the federal government, to prosecute people who are engaged in drug trafficking using stiff sentencing with long incarceration periods. The reason for this is that the prosecutors and police believe that vulnerable groups have been targeted (children, trafficking in or near schools) and the connection between drugs and gun violence.

There are a variety of charges associated with drug trafficking, including the distribution of drugs and conspiracy to distribute drugs. The distribution will also be included with possession with intent to distribute and are common charges.

If you have been charged with drug trafficking, you should reach out to an experienced lawyer right away. A dedicated attorney who is experienced with Maryland federal drug trafficking cases could fight for you.

Role of Jurisdictional Borders in Drug Trafficking Cases

Jurisdictional borders can have an impact on a case when there is a criminal activity that crosses the border between the District of Virginia and Maryland. Sometimes a person might have two jurisdictions that are interested in prosecuting a case for criminal activity along Eastern Avenue that divides the District of Columbia from Prince George’s County. There are jurisdictional issues between local and federal officials. The federal government does not get involved unless there are substantial amounts of drugs.

How is Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Drug Trafficking

Both the state and federal governments are extremely focused on drug trafficking, especially the opioid crisis. The governor of Maryland has made it a high priority. The State is doing more regarding the treatment of crack since that epidemic.

Law enforcement is putting significant resources into prosecuting Maryland federal drug trafficking cases. Depending on the facts of the case, the penalties can be severe. There is still a heavy focus on other illegal drugs, especially cocaine and heroin, and to a lesser extent, marijuana, which has been largely decriminalized. Depending on the amount, the police will still make arrests and prosecutors will still pursue criminal charges in courts.

Drug Trafficking Cases Involving Multiple Defendants

Maryland federal drug trafficking cases frequently involve multiple defendants. The police and prosecutors often claim that a group of individuals is engaged in a criminal enterprise to sell drugs and try to prosecute them together as being part of the conspiracy, especially if the prosecutor thinks it is a very extensive case, with other serious felonies connected with it which frequently happens in these cases.

The prosecutors frequently try to flip one of the co-defendants into testifying against the others by offering them a more favorable plea arrangement that they might otherwise receive. It varies from case-to-case, but it is important to have an accomplished attorney early in the process to help a person sort out what the best strategy is for that person. When someone is facing these charges, there are many essential factors to consider. It is critical to have experienced counsel to guide a person through that.

Call an Experienced Maryland Lawyer Today

Drug trafficking charges carry severe penalties such as jail time, expensive fines, and other repercussions. Therefore, it is crucial to have an attorney who has experience with Maryland federal drug trafficking cases to help a defendant navigate through the legal process. Call a lawyer today and set up a consultation.

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