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Gun Laws in Maryland

Gun laws in Maryland are extremely strict and aggressively enforced by the authorities. When the case goes to court, some of the prosecutor’s offices in Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and other county courts have special teams. They work with the county, state, and federal firearms investigators to identify individuals who are not allowed to possess firearms because of prior criminal convictions. Team members work with federal authorities to identify people with gun charges who are eligible for federal prosecution. Even if it is a first-time offender or a young person with a promising future, prosecutors are not likely to dismiss a firearm offense case. If someone is arrested with an illegal gun, they need to be ready to fight for their rights.

A defendant needs a lawyer with experience and the ability to represent them aggressively in court. Read below to learn more about firearm laws and how an accomplished gun lawyer could help you.

How Maryland Treats Gun Offenses

Maryland law has severe consequences for people carrying firearms illegally, which includes significant jail time. The judges do not always impose jail time, especially for first time offenders, but they could. A defendant could also be facing significant fines and other repercussions. For instance, a gun offense conviction could lead to issues regarding one’s personal and professional life. Law enforcement is aggressive in making arrests and moving forward with prosecutions for gun offenses.

How Prevalent are Guns in Violent Crimes?

Semiautomatic handguns are frequently used in street crimes like drug trafficking, robberies, and other types of violent offenses. There is a strong connection between violent street crime and handguns, which is why law enforcement focuses on gun offenses so aggressively. For more information, consult with a dedicated attorney who is knowledgeable about Maryland gun laws.

Common Misconceptions Regarding Firearm Laws

People should be careful about thinking there is leniency when one is caught with illegal firearms. Do not assume that an individual can carry or transport a handgun in Maryland, even if they have a license from a different state. Maryland might have more restrictive rules about owning and carrying a firearm, so they need to make sure to check that out before they start carrying or transporting a handgun in Maryland. To avoid getting into serious trouble, a person who owns a gun and is moving to Maryland should contact the Maryland Department of State Police soon before their move to register their gun.

Advice for Individuals Wanting to Purchase a Firearm

A person who is considering buying a gun in Maryland should:

  • Be sure to get a permit
  • Understand the permit requirements before they buy a firearm
  • Know the appropriate way to transport the weapon from one place to another

Sometimes, people are going to the driving range, so they leave the gun on the front seat. That can lead to very serious problems, including an arrest. The storage of the weapon is crucial. Too often, the gun is left in a drawer in the house or on a shelf and a child gets their hands on it with tragic results. That could also result in prosecution of the gun owner for reckless endangerment.

Call an Attorney About Gun Laws in Maryland

When someone makes a mistake and is caught by the police carrying a gun illegally, there can be lead to a serious consequences including jail time, loss of the firearm, and the loss of professional licenses and security clearances needed for employment. Anyone who is unsure about the gun laws in Maryland should talk to a lawyer who could give them guidance and help them understand the laws for owning and carrying a firearm.

A person facing gun charges in Maryland should hire an attorney immediately to protect their rights. They also want to make sure they do not miss opportunities to file a motion to exclude the weapon from evidence if they were searched and the weapon was seized illegally. The individual should work with their attorney to identify and develop an effective defense strategy. Executing these steps is the best way to go forward.

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