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If you have been accused of credit card fraud, you could benefit from the counsel of a DC federal credit card fraud lawyer to help you navigate the legal process and create a strong defense for your case. Charges of credit card fraud apply to more than just the theft of a physical card. From hacking into store databases to copying a number during a transaction, the category of crimes that are considered credit card fraud can include a wide array of circumstances.

A DC federal credit card fraud lawyer at our firm understand the severity of these charges and are ready to take action. Call today to learn more about how our seasoned federal fraud attorneys could defend you.

Types of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud includes any activity in which a person tries to use a card that has been canceled, uses another person’s card or card number without authorization, or seeks to use a card in any other way that has not been approved by the cardholder or issuer. If you are charged federally, you may face the possibility of sentencing in a federal prison in addition to hefty fines. These charges may apply to circumstances, such as:

  • Writing down credit card numbers or recording credit card information using a skimmer during a business transaction.
  • Participating in a credit card fraud conspiracy in a place of business. Any participation in such a conspiracy—even if someone else actually stole the information—can result in charges.
  • Using a modified scanning device to capture credit card information at a store, an ATM, or a gas station.
  • Distributing phishing emails or websites.
  • Hacking into a website, installing malware, or obtaining personal information or credit card numbers online in any other way.
  • Hacking into databases at local banks, retailers, and other places of business for the purpose of stealing credit card information may also constitute credit card fraud.
  • Applying for a credit card in someone else’s name.

This list contains representative examples of credit card fraud, but it is not comprehensive. Credit card fraud laws are typically written in broad general terms since new methods of fraud appears continuously.

What Is the Penalty for Federal Credit Card Fraud?

Penalties for credit card fraud usually depend on the total value of the items or money obtained illegally by using the card. A conviction for federal charges may result in serving prison time in a federal facility as well as hefty fines. Therefore, it is crucial for a defendant to obtain a credit card fraud lawyer in DC right away.

Planning Your Defense Strategy

Credit card fraud of any kind is a serious offense, which incurs severe consequences. What steps can you take to protect your rights and prepare an effective defense?

  • Find an experienced DC federal credit card fraud lawyer. Your lawyer will know how to protect you from unlawful searches, can help identify discrepancies in the charges against you, and will advise you when speaking with investigators. He or she will also help plan your defense strategy.
  • Verify witnesses and information. Write down the names, phone numbers, and addresses of witnesses who may help your case. Also, take some time to write down any questions for your lawyer. Remember, there are no bad questions and every detail of your case is potentially significant. The consequences associated with a guilty verdict can be severe, so take the time now to discuss any details that may be relevant to your defense strategy.
  • Learn about the charges that you are facing. Charges of credit card fraud can carry long-term consequences, even if you receive a positive verdict. Take the time to understand the charges against you and your options.

Federal credit card fraud charges carry a strong stigma. Prosecutors may push for stiffer penalties to make an example that will deter future criminals. For this reason, you should hire a skilled lawyer who has the experience necessary to advocate on your behalf, present the details of your case in a persuasive way, and protect your rights under the law.

Call a DC Federal Credit Card Fraud Attorney

To prepare a defense, you need a lawyer who has experience working with credit card fraud cases. As with any legal information, credit card fraud laws can be hard to interpret. However, an experienced federal credit card fraud lawyer in DC could be an effective advocate to help you understand the charges against you, identify a plan of action, and present your case in court.

Facing federal credit card charges can be frightening and intimidating. Your attorney could answer any questions, help you understand the available options, and work with you to provide a strong defense. You can benefit from the confidence that comes from working with a DC federal credit card fraud lawyer whose goal is to obtain the best possible verdict for you.

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