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A DC federal government fraud lawyer can represent you in a criminal action or a qui tam civil action.  A conviction for federal government fraud can result in large fines and, in some cases, a lengthy prison sentence.  Your DC federal government fraud attorney can advise you of your legal options for responding to fraud allegations and can help you try to limit penalties or avoid conviction. Call and schedule a consultation with a DC federal white collar defense attorney today to discuss your case.

How a Federal Government Fraud Lawyer From Our Firm Can Help

A DC federal government fraud lawyer can help you to negotiate a deal with a U.S. attorney to reduce penalties and avoid admitting wrongdoing.  Your DC federal government fraud attorney can also represent you in court proceedings to try to avoid a conviction. There are defenses to fraud charges, but you do not have to prove you did not commit fraud. As long as you can introduce reasonable doubt about whether a fraud offense occurs, you should avoid conviction.  To learn more, contact a federal government fraud lawyer for help.

Federal Laws on Fraud Crimes

There are five primary categories of government fraud crimes established in Title 18 of the United States Code.

  • Making false statements or misrepresentations to the government is criminalized in S. Code Section 1001. If you willfully falsify, conceal, or cover up a scheme to defraud the government, or if you make any fraudulent representations (including in writing or documents), you can be imprisoned for five years (or eight years if the misrepresentations relate to terrorism).
  • Making false claims is prohibited by Code Section 287. This law imposes a penalty of up to five years incarceration for making false and fraudulent claims to any government agency.
  • Participating in a conspiracy to defraud the government is prohibited by Code Section 371. For taking part in any scheme to defraud a government agency or commit any offense against the government, you can be imprisoned for five years (or for the maximum prison time associated with the offense you conspired to commit).
  • Mail fraud is prohibited by Code Section 1341, which imposes as much as a 20-year penalty for using the U.S. mail in a fraud scheme.
  • Wire fraud, which is prohibited by Code Section 1343.

Anyone can be charged with a federal government fraud offense if the U.S. attorney believes these laws have been violated. However, it is especially common for prosecutors to come after government contractors for either procurement or contractor fraud. You could be charged with conspiring to defraud the government, making false claims, making false statements, or misrepresentations for:

  • Using bribes in order to win a contract when your bid is not the lowest or the best.
  • Billing the government for work that has not been completed.
  • Inflating the costs of labor.
  • Inflating the costs of supplies.
  • Issuing kickbacks.

Both criminal and civil charges can be brought against government contractors who a U.S. attorney believes engaged in fraudulent practices.

Penalties for Federal Fraud Crimes

Companies, of course, cannot be imprisoned for criminal offenses. However, executives and decision-makers at businesses that perpetrate a fraud on the government could be jailed.

For companies, conviction for a federal fraud crime can have crippling financial consequences.  A company may be required to pay back three times the amount stolen for making false claims against the government, as well as paying a civil fine of between $5,000 and $10,000 under 21 U.S. Code Section 3729.

A company may also be sued in a qui tam action. This is an action filed by a private citizen who believes he has evidence of fraud against the government. Whistleblowers who bring qui tam actions are entitled to receive a portion of the money the government recovers.

A federal government fraud lawyer in DC can represent both individuals and businesses that have been accused of fraud crimes.

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