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Maryland Federal Drug Possession Lawyer

Federal drug possession charges carry significant penalties and long-term repercussions. A conviction can lead to fines, jail time, career issues, and loss of security clearances. Also, if the defendant is an immigrant, they may face immigration issues, which may include deportation.

If you have been charged with drug possession, you should consult with a knowledgeable federal drug attorney right away. A Maryland federal drug possession lawyer could fight for you and possibly help you reach a favorable resolution to your case.

Constitutional Issues in Drug Possession Cases

One constitutional issue that tends to arise in a Maryland drug possession case is when someone is stopped by a police officer. During the course of that interaction, the officer ends up searching the individual and finding drugs. The Fourth Amendment is frequently implicated in these cases and it is important for an individual who has been searched and arrested to have an attorney to make sure their right against illegal searches and seizures is protected in court. Frequently, by filing and winning motions to suppress evidence and arguing that the evidence was illegally seized, the case has to be dismissed because the prosecution does not have the key evidence it needs to go forward with the drug charge.

Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Charges

One of the biggest mistakes people should avoid in a drug possession case is thinking they can ignore it and it will go away. That just makes things worse, especially if they fail to appear in court. A person facing charges should get on top of it as quickly as they can and retain a Maryland federal drug possession attorney immediately. The lawyer will reach out to determine whether there are witnesses who could be helpful to the case.

The attorney also may have a conversation with the prosecutor to see if the charges could be mitigated or dropped. Ideally, there are diversion-program opportunities available in which they can complete the program and have the charges dropped or expunged from their record.

Building a Defense for Drug Possession

A federal drug possession lawyer in Maryland frequently will build defenses with motions to suppress the evidence as the first step. If the officer found the drugs or recovered them from the person, that person has Fourth Amendment protection against illegal searches and seizures. They need to assert those at the right time and in the right way to make sure the judge has a chance to acquit or suppress the drugs as evidence if the facts bear that out.

An attorney will also interview witnesses and look for other factors in the case that could help the defendant’s case.

Importance of Working with an Attorney

It is crucial that a person charged with drug possession has a seasoned lawyer on their team who has a knowledge of controlled dangerous substances, understands what defenses might be available and how to assert them effectively in court. Without that type of support, a person could fail to take advantage of their constitutional rights, which are the centerpiece of a strong and effective defense.

A person also should want someone who can help them negotiate with the prosecutors to figure out a good arrangement to resolve the case in a way that is beneficial to the person and minimizes the risk of jail time or longer jail time, and perhaps steer them to diversion options. If there is no clear offer the prosecutors will make, going to trial may be the best option for the defendant.

Call a Maryland Federal Drug Possession Attorney Today

A person charged with drug possession should retain an attorney as early as possible because the sooner they get started, the better. The attorney can contact potential witnesses who can help present their side to the jury and support the defendant’s testimony. If the case moves to trial, they will want to have an attorney in place who can file the appropriate motions, especially a motion to suppress evidence.

If you are facing charges, consult with a Maryland federal drug possession lawyer today.

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