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Maryland Federal Marijuana Possession Lawyer

The State of Maryland has decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Also, the State allows the use of medical marijuana for individuals who qualify. However, it is crucial that people understand that they could still be charged with the possession of marijuana in Maryland. There is much less marijuana prosecution than there used to be, but it has not gone away entirely.

If a person does get arrested with marijuana, they need an attorney to help them deal with the process. A Maryland federal marijuana possession lawyer could advocate for the defendant and help them reach a favorable resolution to their case. If you are facing charges, contact an accomplished drug possession attorney today.

How Prosecutors and Judges Treat Marijuana Charges

Prosecutors tend to treat marijuana charges differently than other substance-related charges because it is usually in smaller amounts. The General Assembly has essentially decriminalized possession of marijuana and they are less likely to prosecute these kinds of cases at the borderline amounts. Even when their amounts are over that line, marijuana is viewed differently than cocaine or heroin. Having said that, a person can still be prosecuted for possession of marijuana, distribution of marijuana or possession with intent to distribute marijuana, depending on the circumstances. Also, they can still face potential incarceration, especially if they are caught with a large amount of marijuana.

Under most circumstances, judges see marijuana as the less dangerous drug than cocaine, heroin, or PCP, so they will take that into account at a sentencing hearing.

Defending Marijuana Possession Cases

The real difference between defending a marijuana charge or another drug charge is that marijuana is viewed as being less dangerous than cocaine, heroin, or PCP. It does get a different type of treatment from prosecutors and judges, especially with eligibility for a Diversion Program or if there is a conviction at sentencing. A federal marijuana possession lawyer in Maryland could help someone facing charges with building a strong defense.

Long-Term Consequences of a Marijuana Possession Charge

The long-term implications of a marijuana possession charge vary from individual to individual. If a person gets the marijuana charge sent to a Diversion Program and they complete the program successfully, there will not be any long-term impact because it will be expunged from their record ultimately. However, if a person does not make it into a Diversion Program and is prosecuted and convicted, that can lead to long-term consequences concerning their employment, potential employment or advances in employment, immigration status, or professional licenses. With marijuana possession offenses, there is still the opportunity for expungement even after a conviction. A defendant should reach out to an experienced Maryland federal marijuana possession attorney and have the lawyer guide them through the process to make sure they know all of their rights and take appropriate action.

Call a Maryland Federal Marijuana Possession Attorney

Marijuana has not been totally decriminalized, and charges can still result in jail time. Individuals need to treat it seriously, even though there are options for Diversion Programs and other preferable options that might not be offered for other drugs. A defendant still needs counsel and needs someone to help them get through it the right way. Contact a Maryland federal marijuana possession lawyer today.

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