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A RICO practice can provide services to three types of clients: those who are seeking a defense against DOJ criminal RICO indictments (criminal RICO defendants); potential corporate clients who are contemplating bringing business litigation involving potential RICO claims, typically when there are potential fraud and extortion charges (civil RICO plaintiffs); and clients in need of defense against civil RICO claims (civil RICO defendants).

Criminal RICO Defendant

The team will thoroughly review the subject indictment to determine whether elements of the criminal RICO offense are properly pleaded; they will aggressively conduct discovery, draft motions, and handle plea negotiations; and, if not pleaded out, they will provide extensive trial services that include the drafting of jury instructions, conducting the trial, and, if necessary, writing post-trial motions and appeals.

Civil RICO Plaintiff

Attorneys will first conduct an extensive factual case analysis to determine whether predicate crimes exist and whether other specific RICO requirements are met through a number of ways, including interviews and review of all documentation. He will also draft a complaint and an amended complaint on your behalf and, after filing your civil case, the attorneys the firm with will conduct discovery which includes drafting requests for documents, subpoenas to third-party providers, conducting depositions, and drafting “Motions to Compel.” As your case progresses, lawyers will continue to review all of the pertinent documents to determine support for civil RICO claims throughout the proceedings, including the summary judgment stage and at trial. And they will assist in drafting any class action allegations and provide legal support for certification of class action, if such allegations are applicable.

Civil RICO Defendant

If hired after the filing of a complaint, or after you have been named in a RICO claim or civil suit, the team will review factual information regarding the claim from the client that includes any agreements, contracts, and other documents that may apply to your case. They will also review the RICO complaint itself to determine whether the complaint complies with Rule and 8 and Rule 9 — when fraud is alleged — and to determine whether elements of the RICO offense are sufficiently pleaded. As part of this process, attorneys will draft a motion to dismiss the RICO claims, and will conduct an aggressive defense of the civil RICO claim, to the extent it is not dismissed.

Each of these three types of clients brings unique opportunities and challenges, all of which require the knowledge and dedication of a well-qualified RICO attorney. With their collective experience, a white collar defense group can provide precisely that kind of dedication and passion for service. One who has been tested both in and out of the courtroom and who has demonstrated success in a variety of matters, from government civil RICOs involving international labor unions to multi-district civil RICO class action fraud cases. The attorneys who prosecute criminal RICO cases through the US Department of Justice and the lawyers retained to represent a plaintiff pursuing you for a civil claim typically have the advantage of extensive resources and copious amounts of time to pursue the case against you. That is why you will need to retain an equally deft and committed RICO attorney to fight for your legal rights and your reputation.

If you are under investigation for RICO-related crimes, or you are part of a corporation that is considering potential RICO civil litigation claims, you should contact a dedicated RICO attorney immediately. The earlier you do so the faster your attorney can provide you with answers to your questions and work to secure the evidence that will best serve your case. RICO defense and civil claims involve an exhaustive process, one that is best left to the capable and trustworthy hands of a well-qualified RICO attorney. While no reputable lawyer can guarantee a client absolute success, statistics show that defendants and plaintiffs who secure the services of a devoted RICO attorney stand a better chance at success in and out of the courtroom.

To find out if you would benefit from this kind of service, contact our legal group at our Washington, DC law offices for a free case consultation. They will be able to provide you with a thorough overview of the process entailed in your case, and put your mind at ease. To schedule your no-cost consultation, please click here.

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