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DC Federal Embezzlement Investigation Process 

Embezzlement investigations are often thorough and could have serious consequences if you have been charged. If you have been arrested for embezzlement, it is important to contact an experienced attorney. An accomplished federal embezzlement lawyer that could help you navigate the DC federal embezzlement investigation process.

Instances Where the Government Needs a Warrant to Conduct a Search

The government needs a warrant to conduct a search in a home or office. However, they are not necessarily hard to obtain. The government presents an affidavit that lays out probable cause to believe there might criminal activity going on and there is evidence of that in a home or office.

They present the affidavit to a judge. The defense cannot be present and the judge only hears the prosecution’s side, so they almost always grant the search warrant. There is not a high threshold to get a search warrant and subpoenas; they can easily issue the use of the grand jury.

Prosecutor’s Process of Investigation

During the DC federal embezzlement investigation process, prosecutors use the grand jury to issue subpoenas for bank and financial records for the targets of the investigation. Then they gather the records of the institution they believe is targeted by the embezzlement or the individuals. The investigation is driven by those kinds of records.

The prosecutors may obtain a search warrant for the target’s offices and seize everything including computers, files, and records.That makes it difficult for the defense attorney to review the records who must then reconstruct everything from scratch. Another consequence of seizing a company’s records and computers is that it can put a small business out of business. The person just does not have the records and equipment to keep servicing their customers.

Law Enforcement Agencies Involved in Federal Embezzlement Investigations

Different law enforcement agencies can be involved in the DC federal embezzlement investigation process. They include the local police, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the DC Police Department. Prince George’s County and Montgomery County have their own public safety departments.

Each federal agency has their own capability for conducting an investigation and has an inspector general’s office. If an agency has a criminal investigation, they can forward it to the United States Attorneys’ Office which is a branch of the Department of Justice. Almost every federal department or agency has the capability to do this as well. Secret Service sometimes conducts these kinds of investigations.

Role of Authorities in the Investigation Process

The authorities conduct interviews with people in their quest to gather evidence. Sometimes the FBI might interview people or issue grand jury subpoenas to have the person testify before the grand jury. At every one of those stages, it is important to have legal representation. The authorities are trying to build a case against the person and use their own words against them. It is critical that the person is prepared for any type of interview and has the type of legal advice to help them navigate the situation in the best way.

How are Federal Embezzlement Cases in DC Unique?

One of the things that makes federal embezzlement cases in DC unique is that there are many branches of the federal government located in the District of Columbia. There are is a range of embezzlement laws that target people accused of embezzling from the federal government.

Another aspect of embezzlement cases in the District is that the local prosecutor and the federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia are all under the same roof. The US Attorneys’ Office in DC handles those. Sometimes, matters that might be handled at the state level end up in federal court because it is easier for the US Attorneys’ Office to move cases around internally in the District than in some of the other jurisdictions. If an individual wants to know more about DC federal embezzlement investigation process, they should speak with an experienced lawyer that could answer their questions.

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