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Being accused of committing fraud against the United States government is a very serious accusation that can have far reaching consequences on your life. As a result, it is imperative you consult with a Maryland government fraud lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case and begin building a defense. A federal fraud attorney will be able to look at the evidence against you and determine the strongest course of action toward building your defense. Call today to learn more.

Programs Where Fraud May Take Place

The number of fraud cases related to healthcare have skyrocketed in recent years, especially with Medicaid and Medicare, and a number of healthcare fraud cases have been brought to federal court in recent years, particularly in Maryland. Another arena where fraud charges are frequently brought is government contracting; everything from procurement fraud to military contractors. These sorts of cases draw the attention of federal prosecutors because they have the potential to deprive the government (and taxpayers) of millions of dollars. As a result it is imperative a Maryland federal government fraud attorney is contacted as soon as possible to begin building a defense.

Government Fraud Penalties

An experienced lawyer knows there are serious consequences associated with a government program fraud conviction in Maryland. First of all, a felony conviction for a fraud-related offense can effectively prevent you from working any job that involves money, or any job that involves government contracting. Many white collar jobs are going to require a criminal record check during the hiring process, which would reveal the conviction, effectively barring gainful employment in many or most circumstances.

The penalties for federal program fraud offenses are driven by what’s called the loss amount, which is described under the United States Sentencing Guidelines Section 2b1.1.  There is a lot of litigation that goes into determining the loss amount, and there are many ways that number can be calculated, depending on what the nature of the alleged offenses are. The loss amount can drive the penalties associated with a potential offense though the roof, depending on how many dollars it equates to.

Also, with government-related fraud cases, if the person charged is a government contractor or is working for a government agency, there can be additional penalty enhancements. They’re triggered by what are called enhancement provisions. That means that if a defendant is in a decision-making position or a position to influence what’s going on inside a government agency, there are huge enhancements that are associated with a fraud conviction.

Trends in Government Fraud Cases

One particular trend is that government program fraud is being investigated more frequently with non-white collar or street crime techniques. For example, wiretaps and informants and other cooperating witnesses are also being used more often. In many situations, these are people who have been contacted by investigators, and sometimes who have already resolved their own case with a plea agreement. They are equipped with recording devices and are being used to gather evidence in these white collar cases, which changes the litigation landscape because it requires that a Maryland federal government fraud defense attorney have experience building defenses against these techniques.

Building a Defense For Federal Government Fraud Cases

Federal government program fraud cases are different from other types of cases because the prosecutors in Maryland tend to pursue them more aggressively than in other jurisdictions. In order to build a strong defense against the prosecution, it is important to know how the prosecution tries to prove their case.

In addition, the nature of the investigation involved is also a little bit different because it’s related to a government program, so you need to understand the particular business that you’re dealing with, including where the money comes from and where the money goes. You need to understand your client’s particular business, how they do business, and who the players are in the business. It is not necessarily that a specific type fraud case is unique from other fraud cases. It’s the client that’s unique and the business they’re involved in that is unique from other types of government program-related businesses, which makes hiring an experienced government fraud lawyer in Maryland extremely important.

Call a Maryland Federal Government Fraud Attorney Now

The government has many resources on its side when it comes to prosecuting federal fraud cases. To protect your rights and build a strong defense against these types of charges, you need a capable Maryland federal government fraud lawyer on your side. Call today to discuss your case.

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