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Common Misconceptions of Maryland Federal Government Program Fraud Cases

One of the most common misconceptions of Maryland federal government program fraud cases is that it does not carry the consequences of a significant prison sentence. Many times, people believe that because fraud is a financial crime and may seem victimless that it is not a serious offense. However, someone charged with a federal government program fraud offense is looking at several years in prison and other consequences. It may be a different type of crime than assault or theft, but it is still just as serious of a charge.

Federal government program fraud is a criminal matter, which means if you are facing charges, you should contact a seasoned federal government fraud lawyer.

Seriousness of Government Program Fraud Allegations

A government case is very serious if federal authorities have made the decision to investigate. If federal authorities make the decision to file charges, it is a sign that the government is making the allegations a high-priority. Unlike in state courts where a police officer could make an arrest on minimal evidence and it might be clear that the case does not have much merit to it, federal cases are typically screened more heavily. One of the biggest common misconceptions of Maryland federal government program fraud cases is that the charges are not serious.

How an Employer’s Practices Can Result in a Charge

An individual can be charged for government program fraud due to their employer’s practices. Often, as government investigation expands, more people may become involved in the investigation. The government will want to speak to anyone who is involved or may potentially have information related to the investigation. An employee may want to cooperate and think they have nothing to hide, but any information they provide to the government in an investigatory interview could later be used against them. It is essential for someone to always consult an accomplished lawyer before speaking with investigators.

Challenging Components of Government Fraud Cases

Some of the challenging components of these types of cases include the government having a thorough and strong case with the charges they are initiating. These are cases that the government investigates thoroughly and develop large amounts of evidence. Government program fraud cases involve issuing subpoenas, combing through the financial paperwork, and conducting a couple of key interviews. The government could construct a thorough docket of information and evidence when the charges are filed. In a government fraud investigation, there may be thousands of pages of documents and only one or two pages that are key to the case.

How Government Program Fraud Cases are Unique

Government program fraud cases are unique because the government is the entity that is being harmed. Therefore, it is different from more traditional crime. In these cases, there are going to be multiple federal agencies involved, including the FBI, specific investigators from the department, and prosecutors.

For instance, if the offense was against the Department of Education, the Department of Education will have their own lawyers and staff that would prosecute the case with the U.S. attorney.

A Maryland Federal Government Fraud Attorney Could Help

If you have been charged with a federal government fraud offense, reach out to a seasoned lawyer who is experienced in government fraud cases. An attorney can advise you about what to expect from the prosecutors and judges. An attorney could also help dispel any common misconceptions of Maryland federal government program fraud cases. Call today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated legal professional.

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