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Maryland Federal Government Fraud Investigations

Fraud cases against the government are usually investigated by the FBI in conjunction with the investigative arm of the federal agency involved. For example, if there is suspected fraud of a public housing program, the Department of Housing and Urban Development may be involved in the investigation.

HUD, like many other federal agencies, has its own team of investigators who will be detailed to work with FBI agents. This team of investigators will have specific expertise and experience in the types of fraud that is commonly seen in public housing. To learn more about Maryland federal government fraud investigations, reach out to a seasoned federal fraud lawyer today.

Obtaining Search Warrants

Maryland federal government fraud investigations begin with investigators obtaining search warrants. The search warrants allow the investigators to access the pertinent records of an agency or individual. Investigators try to track the flow of funds into, within, and out of the government program. They also examine the accused’s bank records or financial records for any unusual activity and to see if the individual’s personal financial activity corresponds to suspicious activity related to the federal funds of the organization.

Investigator Interviews with the Defendant

Most of the time, the investigators will try to interview the accused individual to get information. The investigators will reveal as little or as much of their investigation and evidence as they want, depending on the government strategy. In some situations, the government may want to reveal little to the target to see if they could get the alleged suspect to reveal incriminating information or information that would help their investigation.

The investigators do not want the alleged target to get suspicious, because that may limit the information they may be able to obtain from the accused. However, if the government has a strong case, then they may feel the best strategy is to reveal that to the alleged target and use it as leverage to get the suspect to confess or seek an efficient resolution rather than drag out a long litigation.

Maryland federal government fraud investigations also include interviews with the suspect’s co-workers and representatives from financial institutions. When someone is being interviewed, they may want to invoke their right to silence and obtain an experienced federal criminal lawyer.

Surveillance Techniques

As part of the ongoing investigation, there may be different surveillance techniques, like phone or wiretaps to record conversations or real-time tracking of specific funds. An individual’s business trip transactions and financial transactions tracked and documented in real-time for suspected fraud or criminal action could be used in a later case. Depending on the specific nature of the allegations and the type of fraud or crime suspected, the government could use many different techniques to pursue their investigation.

Agencies Involved in Maryland Government Fraud Investigations

Most of the time, the FBI will spearhead Maryland federal government fraud investigations. Within the FBI, there are specific divisions such as the Public Integrity Division that focus on these types of crimes. In addition, specific federal agencies have an internal team of investigators who work in tandem with FBI investigators.

Each federal government program has their own investigative team with specific experience that will help them in their investigation. In some circumstances, federal investigators may partner with state authorities who have expertise or experience in a specific area. If an individual wants to know more about what to expect from the fraud investigation process, they should speak with a knowledgeable government fraud lawyer that could answer their questions and guide them through the process.

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