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Building a Defense For Maryland Government Fraud Charges

If you require assistance in building a defense for Maryland government fraud charges, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional attorney as soon as possible. Due to the severity of government fraud charges and the serious penalties that are associated with a conviction, it is imperative if you are charged that you consult with a Maryland fraud lawyer to discuss your case. Become acquainted with the information below to learn more about what goes into building a defense for Maryland government fraud charges and how an attorney can help.

Starting a Defense Strategy

The first thing to look at when building a defense for a government fraud case in Maryland is what exactly the government appears to be looking for, and where the government appears to be focusing its efforts to try and show that fraud occurred. After gaining a solid understanding of these topics, the next step is to sit with the defendant to find out more about what type of business they are involved in. Often, the government ends up investigating someone who is engaged in a particular type of business without necessarily understanding what that business entails.

Understanding Business Practices

Generally, investigators and law enforcement agents are not subject matter professionals in a particular business or area of commerce. They may not understand the practices that are engaged in the specific business under examination or the nuances of how that industry runs. For the defense, however, it is important to be educated on that business because then when an attorney looks at what the government investigation entails, what evidence they think they have uncovered, or anything that they think shows fraud, a skilled lawyer can then identify when the evidence that they bring is not showing fraud at all. It may be showing a business practice that is common in the industry that the government simply does not understand.

Government Investigations

Often what happens is that the defendant or their attorney become aware of an investigation when a search warrant is executed. When this happens, an attorney will want to receive a copy of that document and look at the information that has been seized by the government. By looking at that information and carrying out a defense side investigation of what the defendant’s business is about and where the government thinks the fraud has occurred, an attorney can begin building a defense for Maryland government fraud charges.

The Importance of Industry Standards

In a recent case, the government was investigating a company that was involved in an industry that has become more prominent (and more lucrative) in recent years. After consulting with professionals in the industry, it quickly became clear that the government agents did not understand that the practice the defendant was engaged in was industry-wide. An attorney was then able to demonstrate that the practice engaged in by the company was common in that industry and that there was nothing illegal about what was going on.

Working with a Reliable Fraud Attorney

If you require professional assistance in building a defense for Maryland government fraud charges, do not hesitate to retain legal representation from a skilled fraud lawyer today. By conducting separate investigations, a dedicated lawyer can scrutinize the prosecution’s argument while acting as a zealous advocate in your favor. Consider reaching out to a determined fraud attorney today for your initial consultation.

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