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Holding another person against their will is always illegal. This includes forcing others to participate in any activity. Among the most severe of these allegations are those that involve forced sexual activity. Under federal law, these offenses are called sex trafficking.

People facing allegations of sex trafficking need to act swiftly and decisively to protect their futures. These federal offenses are always felonies, and United States law allows for a prosecutor to seek a life sentence upon conviction.

A South Carolina sex trafficking lawyer may be able to help you if you are facing sex trafficking charges. A knowledgeable federal criminal attorney could work with you to help you to understand the law and develop a defense designed to protect your rights.

How Does the Law Punish Sex Trafficking in South Carolina?

Federal law is strict in prohibiting the holding of any person against their will for the purpose of placing that person into a position of involuntary servitude or slavery. According to 18 United States Code § 1581, the law prohibits any action that is done with the intent of placing a person into a position of slavery, called peonage under this statute. This applies regardless of whether the attempt succeeds or not.

Similarly, 18 U.S.C. § 1584 criminalizes the sale or purchase of people for the purpose of involuntary servitude. Under both these laws, a conviction can bring a prison sentence of up to 20 years. However, both examples also include aggravating factors. One of these is when the kidnapping or sale of a person for involuntary servitude involves sex. This activity is also known as sex trafficking. Here, the maximum available penalty is life imprisonment. A well-versed attorney could provide more information about the federal statutes that deal with involuntary servitude or peonage and how they relate to sex trafficking charges.

Fighting Back Against Sex Trafficking Charges

Any allegation that involves apparent sex trafficking is a major threat to a person’s freedom and future. As a result, it is crucial that individuals act quickly to develop a defense. A motivated lawyer in South Carolina is prepared to start work immediately on building the best defense against sex trafficking charges.

Prosecutor Must Provide Proof

The first concept to understand is that a prosecutor always bears the burden of proving every element of a criminal charge. For example, an involuntary servitude charge requires a prosecutor to prove that the alleged victim was forced into their position against their will. Information that reveals a consensual worker relationship can be potent evidence against these charges.

Illegal Police Work

Another avenue for defense often involves the legality of the police work that led to an arrest. Illegal warrants, improper searches, and unauthorized interrogation techniques are common. A competent lawyer could work towards excluding this evidence long before a case gets to trial. In short, an experienced attorney in South Carolina could work to fully investigate every aspect of a sex trafficking case to identify weaknesses and protect the rights of the accused.

A South Carolina Sex Trafficking Attorney May be Able to Help

Allegations involving sex trafficking in federal court are serious charges. A conviction will certainly change every part of your life and could even result in a life sentence. Whether the charges allege holding a person against their will for the purposes of sex slavery or involve apparent selling of a person for sexual purposes, a South Carolina sex trafficking lawyer could help you.

They work diligently to understand your needs and explain the relevant laws. They then investigate the prosecution’s case and develop a defense tailored to your case. Reach out today to set up an appointment.

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