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The consequences of a fraud conviction can be severe enough to fundamentally alter the course of a defendant’s life, especially when the government is the one prosecuting them for allegedly defrauding people in multiple states, an entity of the federal government, or in relation to federal property or land.

The right approach for your unique situation might be very different from the right approach to another case, so seeking help from an experienced federal defense attorney could be essential to effectively protecting your rights and interests. A dedicated South Carolina federal fraud lawyer could explain the nature of the charges you are facing, collect and present evidence, and pursue a positive case result on your behalf.

Fraud Offenses Defined by Federal Law

Broadly speaking, “fraud” is defined under federal law as any intentional misrepresentation, omission, or deception committed to financially benefit the perpetrator or a third party. However, there are many different types of fraud that a person could be charged with, depending on various factors, including the exact actions they allegedly took, the affected parties, and the amount of money or value taken.

Some fraud charges that an experienced South Carolina attorney could help an individual contest in court include:

  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Computer fraud
  • Wire fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Securities fraud

In addition to prison sentences ranging from six months to 30 years and fines of up to $250,000 for certain types of fraud, federal courts also generally order individuals convicted of fraud under federal statutes to pay restitution to the parties impacted by their misconduct.

Contesting Federal Fraud Allegations in South Carolina

Contesting any type of federal criminal charge is never a simple prospect, as federal authorities and investigatory agencies have extensive resources to put toward building a cohesive case. They also tenaciously seek a conviction for anyone they indict. However, there are ways of contesting fraud charges on their merits.

Knowledge and Intent in Fraud Charges

The most important elements of a fraud offense are “knowledge” and “intent.” To be convicted in federal court, a defendant must have been consciously aware that they were committing an act of fraud and deliberately doing so for personal gain. Fortunately, a skilled lawyer in South Carolina may be able to challenge the prosecution’s assertions in a federal fraud case that a defendant’s actions met both criteria beyond a reasonable doubt.

Depending on the circumstances, a local attorney’s defense could involve arguing that the defendant was unaware that their statements were untrue, that they did not make materially false statements, or that they made a completely unbelievable statement which should not have reasonably been taken as true.

Alternatively, a fraud charge could also be invalid in cases involving entrapment or unlawful search and seizure of evidence by federal authorities.

Talk to a South Carolina Federal Fraud Attorney Today

It is not impossible to combat fraud allegations under federal law, but it is also not a simple matter to pursue. These cases are incredibly complex and generally dense with evidence to process and refute. Trying to move forward with your defense without experienced legal counsel by your side could lead to a lost case.

Consider consulting with a knowledgeable South Carolina federal fraud lawyer to improve your chances of a positive case outcome. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.

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