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South Carolina Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

In South Carolina, sex crimes are taken extremely seriously at both the state and federal levels. Even a first-time offender with no prior criminal record could face decades in prison depending on what and who was involved in their offense. On top of that, the immense authority and resources available to the federal agencies which prosecute these crimes may make contesting a charge extremely difficult.

If you are being investigated or have already been charged with a sex-based offense under federal law, seeking representation from an experienced South Carolina federal sex crimes lawyer should be your top priority. Once retained, your dedicated federal defense attorney could work diligently to analyze the prosecution’s case, collect and catalog relevant evidence, and build the strongest possible defense for your unique situation.

When Do Sex Crimes Fall Within Federal Jurisdiction?

As with most other types of criminal offenses, federal authorities generally get involved in sex crime cases because the alleged conduct occurred in more than one state or was especially severe to the degree that federal laws apply in addition to state-level ones. Common federal sex crimes that skilled defense attorneys could help South Carolina residents navigate include:

  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Child sexual assault
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Human trafficking for sexual purposes
  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Sexual exploitation of a child, which may entail coercing or bribing a child into engaging in sexually explicit behavior with the intent of creating child pornography or a parent or guardian knowingly assisting or permitting such conduct

Notably, the “double jeopardy” protections enshrined in the Constitution do not apply to simultaneous prosecution at the state and federal level for the same offense. Convictions for any of these offenses may lead to some of the most severe penalties in federal law, so retaining a seasoned defense attorney is essential.

Repercussions for Federal Sex Crime Charges

The severity of criminal sanctions a person convicted of a federal sex crime will face varies substantially based on the defendant’s alleged conduct as well as their criminal history. Generally, offenses considered to be violent, pre-meditated, or sadistic in nature have more severe penalties attached. Certain offenses can be punishable upon conviction by life imprisonment in a federal penitentiary. Many sex crimes also have mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment attached to them—for instance, anyone convicted at the federal level of sexually exploiting children may face a minimum 15-year prison term extending up to a maximum length of 30 years.

Additionally, most federal sex crime convictions carry mandatory registration in the National Sex Offender Registration and Notification system for 15 years, 25 years, or life depending on the “tier”—in other words, the relative severity—of the offense. An experienced lawyer in South Carolina could discuss the specific penalties a particular federal sex crimes charge may carry in further detail during a private initial consultation.

Working With a South Carolina Federal Sex Crimes Attorney

Under state and federal law, few types of offenses have more serious consequences than those involving unlawful sexual behavior. Unfortunately, the reputation these offenses have in the public eye can make effectively defending yourself against these allegations especially difficult.

A South Carolina federal sex crimes lawyer’s advocacy could be vital to preserving your rights during legal proceedings. Call today for a confidential meeting.

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