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Contacting An Attorney For a Federal Cybercrimes Case in Virginia

Due to the seriousness of federal cybercrimes charges and the severe penalties you may face if convicted, it is imperative that if you are charged you consult with a Virginia federal cybercrimes lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case and begin building a defense. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

When To Contact An Attorney For a Cybercrime Case

You should contact an attorney the instant you find out you are being investigated, whether that comes as a result of an arrest, the execution of a search warrant, or anything else. The moment they execute that search warrant, the moment you are placed under arrest, you need to trying to get in touch with an attorney, because often times building a defense for a cybercrime case takes time. You want to give your attorney as much time as humanly possible to prepare your defense.

Why Should Someone Speak To A Lawyer Before Speaking With Law Enforcement?

An attorney would tell a client not to say anything to law enforcement officers when their client is being investigated for a crime.  In the vast majority of case, the best evidence that the government had came directly from defendant themselves. If the defendant had chosen to exercise their Constitutional right to remain silent, in many of those cases the individuals would be in a much different position than they would have been otherwise.

How Cybercrime Cases Are Unique To Defend

What is unique about cybercrime cases is the way they are investigated and the way you prepare for trial. In almost every case, you need an expert, unless the evidence is tremendously overwhelming.

If there is no confession and all the prosecution has is the data in the computer, we will hire an expert with a background in computer forensic science to analyze the state of the evidence discovered by the government. So the experts are what make the cases unique, but the process and procedures that are involved are similar to any other criminal case.

Why Clients Choose You in Federal Cybercrime Cases

They appreciate my experience in these types of cases. I have dealt with cybercrime cases both in federal and state court for as long as the Internet has been a big thing, and I have seen the evolution of these kinds of prosecutions. I know what the government tries to do in these prosecutions and my clients appreciate that I can plug myself into a case and be ready to go without having to take a lot of time to learn about the industry or the charges themselves. This sort of experience is critical.

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