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Prosecution of Federal Cybercrimes in Virginia

There are a wide array of criminal offenses which can fall under the umbrella of cybercrimes, all of which are prosecuted very seriously in Virginia. With this in mind, the following is information you should be aware of if you are facing cybercrime charges including who will likely be prosecuting your case, how your case will be treated, and what mistakes you should avoid making.

For more information or to begin building a defense, call and schedule a consultation with a Virginia federal cybercrimes lawyer today. An experienced attorney will be able to assist you in navigating the legal system while ensuring that all your legal rights remain protected. To learn more call today.

Who Prosecutes Federal Cybercrime Cases

There are agencies that prosecute every federal crime in Virginia such as the United States Attorney’s Office who have several offices located throughout the commonwealth. Which office prosecutes your case will be determined by your geographic location as in Northern Virginia cases are most commonly prosecuted in the Eastern District of Virginia whose office is located in Alexandria.

In addition to this office, however, there are offices in Richmond and Charlottesville who are responsible for prosecuting alleged federal crimes that occur within their jurisdictions

Are Cybercrime Cases Prosecuted vigorously?

Federal cybercrime cases are prosecuted vigorously with particular attention to child pornography cases. That is obviously a very emotional and stigmatic kind of case that they take very seriously. Negotiating with federal prosecutors to reduce charges to change penalties is hard to accomplish. If they feel like they can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, they will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Recent Cybercrime Prosecution Trends

The biggest trend is the growing number of child pornography prosecutions due to the fact that the Internet is just booming with child pornography, which is becoming easier to find and obtain.

This accessibility means there are an increasing number of child pornography prosecutions, which is also a tremendous concern for law enforcement.

Mistakes To Avoid In Court

The most common mistake that people make is confessing to the crime. Law enforcement seized their computers or other equipment, and the agents will say, “You know what we’re going to find on this, you might as well just tell us what’s on there now,” and that person will actually confess to the crime. That is the number one mistake, because once you have confessed, it is an uphill battle for any defense attorney.

For this reason, the best practice when you are accused of a cybercrime or any other type of crime is to not say anything to police until you have an attorney present to protect your rights.

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