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Virginia Federal Drug Conspiracy Lawyer

It is possible to be charged with a drug offense despite never having an illegal substance under your actual control.  The federal government can pursue criminal charges against Virginia defendants for conspiracy if they are suspected of any involvement in the illicit drug trade. A Virginia federal drug conspiracy lawyer provides legal representation to defendants when U.S. authorities pursue criminal charges. Call today and schedule a consultation with a VA federal drug lawyer to discuss your case.

Let a Virginia Federal Drug Conspiracy Lawyer Represent You

Most drug crimes lead to state charges and a prosecutor pursuing legal action in local court.  When the federal government takes action, you generally face much more serious legal consequences. The Drug Enforcement Agency has extensive investigatory power and, as a result, you could find yourself with federal agents at your door. You are at risk of both civil and criminal forfeiture of your property and assets, and you may have accounts frozen.  The government can also go after substitute assets of the proceeds of crime are not otherwise identifiable. You could also face a very lengthy jail sentence.

Going against the U.S. Attorney’s Office is not something you should try to do on your own. You need to understand federal court rules, rules of evidence, and the elements of drug crimes under the federal criminal code. You also need to know what types of defenses you can make and how to present evidence to a jury. A Virginia federal drug conspiracy attorney understands how to help defendants facing prosecution and can work hard to help you put together a strong case depending on the facts and circumstances of your situation.

From the time an agent shows up at your door until an indictment is handed down and until your case is resolved with a dismissal, plea agreement, jury verdict, or appeal, you should have a lawyer by your side who can protect your Constitutional rights and make sound legal arguments on your behalf. Let a Virginia federal drug conspiracy attorney argue for bail, investigate your charges, interview witnesses, fight to exclude the use of evidence, and raise the defenses that may work to keep you out of prison.

Federal Laws on Conspiracy and Drug Offenses

18 U.S. Code section 371 makes conspiracy a crime. A defendant can be convicted and imprisoned for five years for being part of a group of two or more people who are planning to commit an offense against the United States, as long as any member of the group does any action to move the plan forward.

Federal drug laws also impose penalties on anyone who plays any part in a conspiracy related to possession, manufacture, distribution, intent to distribute, or trafficking in controlled substances.  If charged under 21 U.S. Code Section 846, anyone involved in the conspiracy to commit a drug offense, no matter how minor his role, can face “the same penalties as those prescribed for the [drug] offense.

Because of the way the federal laws are written, a defendant who tells someone how to cook methamphetamine could possibly find himself facing federal felony charges if his “co-conspirator” purchased cough medicine or any item on the list of ingredients with the intent to move the conspiracy forward.

Unfortunately, as Human Rights Watch reports, many people threatened by U.S. Attorneys’ Offices with lengthy mandatory minimum federal sentences have played relatively minor roles in drug crimes.

Call a Virginia Federal Drug Conspiracy Lawyer Today

Every defendant, no matter what his or her alleged illegal acts, deserves to fight charges and be considered innocent until proven guilty.  A Virginia federal drug conspiracy lawyer is ready to help if you are being investigated or if U.S. authorities are pursuing a criminal case against you.

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