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Virginia Federal Drug Manufacturing Lawyer

Many synthetic drugs are being made now to be sold for illegal purposes and so the drug laws have evolved in an effort to keep up with the new drugs that are coming out.

Drug manufacturing offenses can be separate from other drug crimes, depending on the drug and the statute (whether it is in the state or federal court). The feds have a whole range of charges that go to the manufacturing aspect. The State laws in Virginia do not evolve quickly. But one way or another, prosecutors can charge a person for growing, manufacturing, or distributing illegal drugs.

If you are facing manufacturing charges, you should seek the services of a dedicated drug attorney right away. A Virginia federal drug manufacturing lawyer could fight for you and possibly help you reach a favorable resolution to your case.

Growing and Manufacturing Drugs

A drug manufacturing charge depends on what the drug is. If a person is caught growing marijuana in a very large amount, they can be prosecuted for the possession with intent to distribute or worse, depending on the amount they are growing. There are other types of drugs, such as meth, which is illegal to manufacture and highly dangerous to manufacture as well. In addition to drug charges, they could bring other charges that put a person at risk or other safety hazards that were created by the meth process.

This area of drug manufacturing law is still evolving. So far, the feds have not been prosecuting cases in states where the state law permits the possession or use of that drug, but that does not mean that the feds never will. It makes sense for people who are involved in this activity on an ongoing basis to seek out a federal drug manufacturing lawyer in Virginia and get guidance on how to walk that line.

Manufacturing and Conspiracy Charges

If there is a conspiracy charge brought against a person, even though they are only involved in part of the process or even a minor part of the process, they can still be charged with conspiracy and essentially held accountable for the whole process. Everything that anyone else in the conspiracy does can be brought to bear against that person for either being a co-conspirator or for aiding and abetting the illegal activity. Being a peripheral player does not completely protect a person from prosecution in any way.

How Do Virginia Law Enforcement Handle Drug Manufacturing Charges?

The handling of drug manufacturing charges and cases by law enforcement can vary, but depending on how they want to approach it, they can charge a person for just possession with intent to distribute, distributing a drug conspiracy, or aiding and abetting in the production and distribution of the drug. There is a variety of ways they can go at a person and still put them at risk of significant incarceration and other consequences. Therefore, for a defendant for a Virginia federal drug manufacturing lawyer right away.

Call a Virginia Federal Drug Manufacturing Attorney Today

If you are facing federal drug manufacturing charges, you should reach out to an accomplished defense attorney right away. A Virginia federal drug manufacturing lawyer could advocate for you and stand by your side throughout the legal process. Call today and set up a consultation.

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