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Virginia Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

A Virginia federal sex crimes lawyer represents defendants throughout the state who are accused of illegal sexual behaviors that violate federal law. Federal penalties are usually more severe than the consequences for state offenses, so you need to take these charges seriously. A federal criminal lawyer with experience handling federal sex crimes claims could help you to decide on the best response to charges against you. It may be critical for you to contact a distinguished federal criminal attorney who could help you protect your rights and your reputation.

Hiring a Virginia Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer | Sex Crimes Virginia Attorney

Common Federal Sex Offenses

Federal sex crimes can be broadly grouped into either sexual offenses related to the possession or production of illegal pornography or obscene materials. Illegal materials are also associated with sexual acts with minors or through force. If faced with federal sex crime charges, individuals should reach out to a Virginia lawyer about building a defense.

Federal laws that criminalize the possession of obscene or pornographic materials include, but are not limited to:

  • The production of child pornography and prohibits other types of sexual exploitation of children
  • The act of transporting, shipping, receiving, distributing, mailing, reproducing, advertising, promoting, or facilitating the disbursement of child pornography
  • The use of misleading common names on the Internet, or the embedding of words and images into source code, in order to trick someone into viewing obscene materials

Defining Forced Sexual Behaviors

Federal laws that criminalize forced sexual behaviors and/or prohibit sexual behaviors with those who cannot consent to sex acts include:

  • Sexual abuse that occurs in federal prison, or under the maritime or territorial jurisdiction of the United States
  • Sexual abuse involves making someone submit to sex acts through threats or placing someone in fear of death, injury, or kidnapping
  • Sexual abuse also includes sex acts with someone who physically cannot decline or who is incapable of understanding the acts enough to consent
  • Sex acts with a minor who is being held in custody by someone who provides service to the institution or facility
  • Penalty up to life in prison for sexual abuse resulting in the victim’s death

These are just some of the sex offenses found within the federal criminal code. A federal sex crimes lawyer in Virginia could help a defendant understand all possible charges they could face if they are under investigation as well as all potential penalties if they are indicted.

How a Virginia Federal Sex Crimes Attorney Could Help

Since potential defenses vary significantly depending upon which federal sex crime you have been charged with, it is important to get legal advice when deciding how to respond to criminal accusations. A dedicated legal professional could review the evidence against you, help you decide how to plead, and negotiate with a prosecutor on your behalf.

If your case goes to court, your attorney can work hard to try to make a jury doubt guilt, since the US justice system requires the jury to be convinced of your wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt in order to convict you. To learn about available defenses to sex crimes and to understand more about how a Virginia federal sex crimes attorney could help with your charges, contact an attorney as soon as possible when you are arrested or charged.

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