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If you are facing a white-collar criminal charge, its resulting penalties can be serious if you are given a conviction. For this reason, it is significant to consult with an experienced Virginia defense lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. While receiving an accusation for a federal white-collar offense can be a daunting situation, know that you do not have to face it alone. Read on to learn more about how a qualified Virginia white-collar defense attorney could make a difference in your case today.

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What are White-Collar Crimes?

White-collar offenses are financially-based schemes or endeavors charged by the government. They most often involve some type of fraudulent activity, possibly against a government agency or a group of individuals. A professional Virginia white-collar defense attorney will have experience preparing defenses and reviewing complex financial evidence for these cases in order to assist those accused of such crimes. The following can serve as resources for white-collar defense strategies:

A qualified Virginia white-collar defense attorney will use this information to aggressively fight for the rights of the defendant throughout their case.

Common White-Collar Allegations in Virginia

Examples of common white-collar health care allegations made in Virginia can include Medicaid and Medicare fraud. In addition, tax fraud is also seen quite regularly. Other cases can involve compliance with government contracts for corporations, as many federal organizations are located in northern Virginia. Know that any circumstance that constitutes a scheme against a government agency to receive monetary compensation can be charged as a white-collar crime. Anyone facing charges for white-collar allegations in Virginia should highly consider reaching out to a distinguished Virginia white-collar defense attorney who can gather evidence, interview key witnesses, and build a strong defense strategy in the defendant’s favor.

The Value of a Virginia White-Collar Defense Attorney

As soon as you believe you may the target of any kind of federal investigation, you should get in touch with a distinguished Virginia white-collar defense attorney who can help protect your rights from the very outset of the case. This is especially true in federal cases because roughly 50% of the time the government will conduct a thorough investigation before giving an individual an indictment. However, know that this can also present an opportunity for the defendant. If the government possesses evidence to sustain a conviction but are still coming to you as the target of an investigation rather than just giving an indictment, this situation could give you an opportunity to discuss possible outcomes and alternatives to sentencing. White-collar investigations can be complex, making it important to find a reliable Virginia white-collar defense attorney who can provide you with the legal counsel that they have accumulated over many years of dedicated practice. A seasoned Virginia white-collar defense attorney can help you work through the evidence of your case while advising you on the ways to reach the best potential outcomes of your case. Reach out to a dedicated Virginia white-collar defense attorney today in order to gain an aggressive advocate for your defense.

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