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Agencies That Investigate Virginia White-Collar Crimes

There are many agencies that investigate Virginia white-collar crimes, and if you have received an accusation for these types of offenses it can be significant to reach out to a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible to obtain legal representation.

Federal Investigative Organizations

The FBI is the prevailing government investigative body that is involved in most white-collar crime investigations. Depending on the nature of the conduct that is being alleged, major financial agencies might play a part in the investigation. For example, the IRS has a prominent investigative department which is likely to look into cases involving tax fraud and tax evasion. Reach out to a qualified defense lawyer to learn more.

IRS Investigations of Identity Theft

A crime that occurs with alarming frequency is identity theft. Criminals obtain a person’s identifying information (social security number, date of birth, address) and file fraudulent tax returns on behalf of the victim. Identity thieves will just exchange the victim’s address for their own so that they receive the refund checks. Some of the agents that carry out these investigations are extraordinarily busy all the time. Well-meaning citizens might file a legitimate tax return only to have it rejected by the IRS because the agency believes those individuals have already filed their tax returns. In these instances, a professional attorney can help by connected those individuals with IRS investigators to help solve the problem.

The SEC and Insider Trading

Another major agency that is frequently involved in white-collar crime investigations is the SEC. They investigate financial crimes which often hit the news. Some of the most common crimes are pyramid schemes and insider trading. These are crimes that manipulate the United States’ equities markets with fraudulently obtained information. The SEC actively and vigorously investigates these crimes.

State Agencies That Investigate Virginia White-Collar Crimes

State agencies can also be involved in white-collar criminal investigations. The type of agency involved will depend on the kind of conduct that is in question. The state agencies that are most commonly involved in white collar investigations include units that specialize in the health care industry. For example, home health care workers that overbill Virginia Medicare or Medicaid for services rendered might cause state agencies to investigate white-collar crime. Welfare fraud is another big state crime that is investigated by these agencies.

Working With a Skilled White-Collar Attorney

It is important to retain legal representation from a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the agencies that investigate Virginia white-collar crimes because they can use their insider knowledge to your advantage. However, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of who you are going up against is only half the battle. The other half includes a strong attention to detail, fierce advocacy skills, and a history of crafting winning defense strategies. While federal agencies that investigate Virginia white-collar crimes will have large resources at their disposal to fight a case, it is important to know that these organizations are also prone to making mistakes. If you wish to learn more about the agencies that investigate Virginia white-collar crimes, do not hesitate to reach out to a dedicated defense attorney today for your initial consultation.

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