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Our Approach to White Collar Defense in Virginia

Due to the severity of white collar criminal cases and their associated penalties, if you are charged it is important you give yourself the best chance at minimizing the harm of your charges. One way to do this is by hiring an experienced lawyer that can guide you through the various stages of your case, in addition to reviewing all the available evidence and finding the weak points in the prosecution’s case.

Below, a Virginia federal white collar criminal attorney discusses our firm’s approach to white collar criminal defense, and the advantages of choosing an experienced law firm to defend you.

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What Makes White Collar Cases Unique to Defend?

White collar crimes can be very exciting because there are usually so many different pieces to the puzzle that create a case. In almost every white collar case there are mountains of evidence that the government can have which can be exciting to be able to go through that. It is sort of like looking for needles in haystacks, trying to find a nugget or two, something that the government might have missed.

Are There Benefits To Working With a Defense Firm and Not a Solo Practitioner?

Absolutely. As I have said, white collar cases generally have a ton of discovery, and you need a law firm behind you because a sole practitioner really just isn’t going to have the bandwidth to go through all of this and still maintain his caseload.

I have a case pending right now where our initial discovery from the government contained five CD-ROM’s which were filled to maximum capacity with evidence. There are thousands and thousands of documents that we’re going through as we speak. That is too much for one person to adequately handle. It just is.

For this reason, if charged with the white collar offense, I would definitely be hiring a law firm that has a large enough staff that can help navigate these waters.

Why Do Clients Choose To Work With You On White Collar Criminal Cases?

Clients choose to work with me in white collar cases because they like my experience. I have been doing this for a long time. I have handled a lot of different kinds of white collar crimes and as a result, I am intimately familiar with the way the federal government prosecutes these things. Additionally, I am intimately familiar with state prosecutions and I know how to get results from my clients and soften their landings if it ends up that they actually can prove the case.

Clients like the fact that I have been around the block and they know the kind of experience that they are getting with me. They are getting somebody who is tried and true.

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