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Virginia Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Lawyer

Mail and wire fraud are federal criminal charges that apply to a large number of different fraud crimes. While these offenses are serious crimes and carry a possible sentence of 20-30 years imprisonment, federal authorities can charge you with mail and wire fraud virtually any time you are accused of using the Internet or postal service in any type of scheme to unlawfully defraud or deprive someone of something of value.  You need to fight vigorously to protect your freedom, and a Virginia federal mail and wire fraud lawyer may be able to help. Call today and schedule a consultation with a Virginia federal fraud attorney.

Why Work with a Virginia Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Lawyer?

Any defendant who is accused of mail or wire fraud should have a legal advocate looking out for his interests.  A prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the postal service, wire communications, radio communications, or television communications were used in furtherance of a fraud scheme.  An attorney can help you demonstrate reasonable doubt in the prosecutor’s case.

A Virginia federal mail and wire fraud attorney can review the evidence in your case and can look for ways to legally exclude that evidence or present an alternative theory about what occurred. Your attorney can also help you raise affirmative defenses, suppress evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and seek dismissal of unsubstantiated charges.

From the first moment you are under investigation, you need to be careful about what you say and avoid self-incrimination. You need to make informed decisions about how to plead, and be prepared to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor if you want to avoid a criminal trial.  If you are going to take the case to court, you need to know how to present evidence and follow federal court rules.  A Virginia federal mail fraud lawyer knows how the legal system works and can be there by your side to help you make smart and thoughtful choices.

Federal Wire and Mail Fraud Offenses

The federal government defines mail fraud in 18 United States Code Section 1341 and wire fraud in 18 United States Section 1343.  The laws for mail and wire fraud are similar, because in both cases a prosecutor must prove a defendant took part in some type of scheme to commit fraud.  The mail or wire service must have been used in some way to make false statements, inaccurate promises, or material misrepresentations as part of an effort to deprive an alleged victim of money, honest service, or items of value.

Conviction for the federal offense of mail or wire fraud carries a maximum penalty of a $1 million fine and up to 20 years imprisonment, or 30 years imprisonment if the fraud was in connection with a natural disaster or emergency.

Contact a Virginia Federal Mail and Wire Fraud Attorney Today

Do not take a chance on representing yourself when facing a criminal charge with a possible sentence of decades in federal prison.  Contact a Virginia federal mail and wire fraud lawyer today to get legal help as you respond to federal authorities who are prosecuting you.

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