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Unique Aspects of DC Federal Government Fraud Cases

One aspect of government fraud is that sometimes people think that even if they committed fraud, as long as they perform the contract well, they will not be prosecuted for doing anything wrong. However, that is not the case. The government can and does prosecute individuals and businesses that have done outstanding work. They are not protected because they did an adequate job. Government contracting fraud cases frequently involve people trying to win the contract to have a chance to do a good job, and they usually do a solid job on the project.

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How the Department of Justice Treats Government Fraud Cases

The Department of Justice aggressively prosecutes federal government fraud. The trend seen over the last 10 or 15 years is that the Department of Justice avoided prosecuting large corporations and firms. That may be due to the ability of major corporations to match the resources of the Department of Justice in court. However, the government has vigorously pursued federal fraud involving small and medium-sized businesses and individuals.

Challenging Aspects of Federal Government Fraud Cases

One of the significant problems in a government fraud case is when someone gives a statement to the investigators without consulting an attorney. When an attorney is brought into a case after the statement has already been given, it is hard to know what was said. If someone spends an hour giving an interview, it is difficult to remember everything that took place. People usually do not take notes during those kinds of interviews.

It is problematic from the standpoint of putting a defense together because whatever the person said may be used against them. If they remember something or see a document that refreshed their memory about a topic they were questioned about during the interview, it is difficult to change a position. Once someone gives a statement, it is hard to change what was said and that creates a disadvantage in these kinds of cases.

Another unique aspect of DC federal government fraud cases is the massive resources of the government. For example, sometimes the government reviews 10,000 pages of documents including emails, contracts, letters, applications, and filings. It is a challenge to review the documents especially on a budget that is fairly limited. The government has FBI and IRS agents who are able to commit themselves to conduct a lengthy and massive document review.

Firm’s Approach to Government Fraud Cases

Defendants that obtain our services appreciate our level of experience and capability. They know we have a history of successfully handling government program fraud cases for many years. They also like the fact that we tend to have previous working relationships with prosecutors. We are familiar with how they might approach issues and this is true for judges as well. For example, we know whether a judge tends to sentence harshly or is likely to come down hard on a litigator who takes a certain position. We know the judges and prosecutors in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia from dealing with them over the years. When we deal with federal prosecutors, we are not intimidated by the Department of Justice or any other agency. We know how to deal with them successfully and aggressively. We are also aware of the unique aspects of DC federal government fraud cases. If you are facing charges, call our team today.

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