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Fraud cases come from the whole spectrum of government programs including HUD settlements, healthcare fraud, tax fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, and fraud involving federally funded entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. Fraud against the government can take different forms. The resultant charges for government fraud are penalized quite severely because of the scope of fraud charges. That is why it is vital that you get in touch with a skilled federal government fraud attorney. An experienced legal advocate can examine the facts of your case and work with you to build your defense. If you have been charged with government program fraud, contact a capable DC federal government program fraud lawyer that can advocate for you.

Individuals Charged On Behalf of Employers

Individuals can be charged for government program fraud resulting from their employer’s practices. It is a relatively common occurrence. Law enforcement investigations focus on a business or a medical practice. The investigation tends to become wide-ranging particularly if the law enforcement has the idea or information that a large number of patients are involved. At that point, law enforcement may broaden the scope of their investigation because they want to make sure that anybody who was potentially affected was interviewed and all potential incidents are investigated. Any attorney worth their salt will tell a person who is under investigation to not speak with law enforcement. There is no downside for not speaking with law enforcement when a person is being investigated. The only downside is if a person speaks to law enforcement without a DC federal government program fraud attorney present.

 Unique Aspects of Government Program Fraud Cases

Government program fraud cases are unique because they are document-intensive and there can be a lot of technical issues involved with respect to whether the statutes governing a federal program were actually violated.

Government program fraud cases can also be difficult because it is challenging to take a large mass of information and distill it down to something that is understandable for a jury or a judge and we can make our point and get our theory of defense out without being buried by paper or electronic data.

The first thing a DC federal government program fraud lawyer looks at when presented with this type of case is the documents that were produced and the dates, investigative summaries, and transcripts of phone calls when wiretapping was done. If an individual has been previously interviewed by the FBI, the attorney gets a transcript of that interview.

Importance of Working With a Skilled Lawyer

There is no reason that anyone should ever speak to a law enforcement officer in a fraud investigation without first consulting with a DC federal government program fraud lawyer. A lawyer who does this type of work from a defense side must have passion for it. It is exceptionally rewarding work and you deserve an attorney that feels strongly about doing that work. If you have been charged with government program fraud, speak with a qualified fraud attorney that can work tirelessly to build your defense.

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