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DC Federal Government Program Fraud Investigations 

Federal government program fraud is taken quite seriously, especially because programs like Medicare provide much-needed support to the American public. Because government fraud is such a weighted crime, DC federal government program fraud investigations are conducted in a manner that is meticulous and aggressive. If you have found out that you are now the subject of a government program fraud investigation, it is vital that you get in touch with an equally meticulous and proactive fraud lawyer. Your DC federal government program fraud attorney can work diligently to build your case.

Burden of Proof

The federal government prosecutes government fraud cases, not the state. In cases involving fraud, someone intended to defraud federal government programs. First, they had to know what they were doing and that is usually the key in these types of cases. The federal government uses different types of evidence including emails, bank records, financial records, and even medical records when the case involves Medicaid fraud. In addition wiretaps and the use of an undercover operative to uncover the criminal case are sometimes employed.

Fraud Investigations and Techniques

The FBI is heavily involved in DC federal government program fraud investigations as well as the inspector general’s offices from the various agencies that are looking at allegations. For example, there is an inspector general’s office at the Department of Labor and the Social Security Administration. Each has their own investigating arm. Many times, they work in conjunction with the FBI to conduct investigations.

Federal law enforcement agencies such as the FBI rigorously investigate federal fraud cases. They obtain a host of documents including emails, financial records, past medical records, billing records, and billing records from doctors. The electronic evidence involves wiretaps and the tapping of phones. An informant may be used and sometimes law enforcement personnel go undercover. For example, an agent could visit a doctor’s offices posing as a patient. The federal government is most aggressive when interviewing and getting statements from people that could incriminate them.


Questions an Attorney Might Ask

If you have been charged with government program fraud, you should get in contact with an attorney who will know the right questions to ask, and how to use your answers to build your defense. When a lawyer meets with a potential client who is under investigation for this type of offense, they should try to get as much information as possible about that person’s business because the charge is usually business-related.

The lawyer can examine the records of the business with a focus on establishing a defense to the allegation. They look for ways to show the government that their investigation will not be successful because what happened is not necessarily a dispute; it is the legality or the illegality of what occurred. The more facts the lawyer can gather, the better it is for their potential client because the facts lead to a more intense investigation. The lawyer also might bring experts in once they have the information to interpret and it shows the government that what took place is not a violation of the law. Attorneys with experience defending the subjects of DC federal government program fraud investigations may have the knowledge necessary to build a solid case for you.

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