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Virginia Federal Bank Fraud Lawyer

A defendant who is accused of being part of a scheme that could lead to a financial institution losing money can be charged with the federal offense of bank fraud. Bank fraud is a very serious crime, and defendants facing charges might benefit from being represented by a Virginia federal bank fraud lawyer who knows how to help respond to accusations and craft an effective defense strategy.

The Virginia federal bank fraud attorneys at our firm are familiar with the nuances of litigating in federal court, and we are ready to bring our experience to bear on your case.  Call a federal fraud in Virginia today to conduct your free consultation.

Getting Help from a Virginia Federal Bank Fraud Lawyer

Every criminal defendant is guaranteed a lawyer by the U.S. Constitution. Having an attorney is key to navigating the complex and confusing world of criminal court. Federal cases tend to be more serious than state cases, and the rules of federal court procedure can be more complicated to comply with. Because of the impact a conviction for a federal offense can have on your future, you deserve to have an experienced attorney representing you when you face charges.

Bank fraud cases can be especially complex because the outcome of your case may hinge on technical financial details or nuanced arguments about whether a fraud scheme was actually intended to result in a financial institution losing funds.

A Virginia federal bank fraud lawyer might have experience litigating in federal court and can help you to decide how to plead and what your response to accusations should be. From raising defenses to negotiating a deal, your lawyer will bring legal experience to the table to help you fight for a not guilty verdict or a reduced sentence.

Federal Laws on Bank Fraud

Bank fraud is defined in 18 U.S. Code Section 1344 to include any knowing attempt to execute a scheme or artifice designed to defraud a financial institution or get a financial institution to part with any assets under false pretenses. False promises, misleading statements, and misrepresentations can all result in a charge of bank fraud.

In Loughrin v. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a defendant could be charged with bank fraud for trying to cash fraudulent checks at Target even though the scheme was identified before most of the checks were cashed. Because the attempts to cash the checks would have resulted in money being withdrawn from bank accounts, this was considered sufficient to constitute a federal bank fraud offense.  Loughrin made clear a defendant did not need to intend to defraud a bank to be convicted, if the defendant intentionally participated in a fraud scheme likely to result in a bank parting with funds.

After Loughrin, many defendants who are unaware they have committed bank fraud could find themselves being charged with a very serious federal crime. Bank fraud carries a maximum penalty of $1 million and 30 years in prison.

Working with a Virginia federal bank fraud attorney who understands the legal precedents and the local rules of procedure might be able to influence your case in federal court.  Obtaining a lawyer is a good way to start defending yourself against some of the harsh consequences of a conviction.

Contact a Federal Bank Fraud Attorney in Virginia

Virginia defendants accused of bank fraud need an experienced advocate on their side to fight charges.  Call an attorney as soon as possible if you are being accused of an attempt to defraud a financial institution of funds. Your Virginia federal bank fraud lawyer can advise you from the start of the investigation until your federal criminal case is resolved.

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