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Virginia Federal Credit Card Fraud Lawyer

Accusations of credit card fraud can lead to prosecution by federal or state authorities. If you are being prosecuted in federal court, it might be helpful to speak with a Virginia federal credit card fraud lawyer. Federal courts have different rules of procedure than state courts and penalties may be more serious if convicted of federal offenses. An experienced Virginia federal fraud lawyer who knows how to fight for clients facing federal charges can be an important ally as you fight for your freedom.

What Can a Virginia Federal Credit Card Fraud Lawyer Do To Help?

A federal attorney is an advocate for clients and is their guide through the federal criminal justice system.  As you respond to accusations being made against you, you will necessarily be required to make many decisions that could ultimately shape the outcome of your case. You need to determine what kinds of evidence to present, what witnesses to call, and what legal arguments to make. You also need to decide if you should try to negotiate a plea deal or fight the charges.

A Virginia federal credit card fraud lawyer may know how prosecutors approach criminal charges for credit card related offenses and can conduct an investigation into the evidence the prosecutor is likely to use against you. Your attorney can explore ways to fight conviction by raising affirmative defenses.  If you don’t want to take a chance on defending yourself in court, you can also trust your Virginia defense lawyer to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecutor that could minimize the penalties you face.

Federal Credit Card Fraud Laws Applicable to Virginia Defendants

A defendant may be charged with credit card fraud for physically being in possession of someone’s credit card and using it without authorization.  Defendants may also be charged with credit card fraud and identity theft offenses for applying for credit using someone else’s name or social security number.  Because many people accused of credit card fraud do not have the physical card, 18 U.S. Code Section 1029 also gives the federal government authority to prosecute defendants for the use, control, or possession of unauthorized access devices.

In addition to identity theft and credit card fraud charges, some defendants are accused by authorities of using the computer to obtain card or identifying information or of using a computer to commit credit fraud.  This can lead to computer related crimes charged pursuant to Code Section 1030.

Mail fraud (Code Section 1341), wire fraud (Code Section 1343), and even bank fraud charges (Code Section 1344) may also be tacked on to a federal indictment for someone accused of credit card crimes. Each of these offenses can have a maximum prison sentence of between 20 and 30 years depending upon whether a financial institution was a likely victim and under what circumstances the alleged fraud occurred.

Call a Virginia Federal Credit Card Fraud Attorney

Because of the serious nature of credit card fraud crimes, defendants deserve a legal advocate who is passionate about fighting for them. A Virginia federal credit card fraud lawyer can provide representation and advice throughout the process of responding to charges. Call as soon as possible to get help.

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