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How a Maryland Federal Drug Lawyer Can Help

Defense attorneys seek to provide the best representation possible for their clients. For federal drug attorneys, this is now exception. Whether you have been indicted in a federal drug case or suspect that you are being investigated by the government, seeking out the advice of a lawyer is important, and can only serve to help you in the long run. Below, a Maryland federal drug lawyer talks about all of the ways in which having legal representation can help.

After Being Retained for a Federal Drug Case

The first thing we do is sit down with our client and find out exactly what he or she is being investigated for and what they can provide in terms of insight. Identifying the reason for the investigation is instrumental in our own preparation.

Once we have the opportunity, we reach out to detectives, special agents, or prosecutors who are assigned or working through the case. Usually, there are people we have worked with before and we have a good working professional relationship with.

These people are able to provide us with additional information about the investigation and the case. This could help us determine the next steps. We might meet with them directly or begin meeting with our own witnesses to conduct our investigation.

Is there a Maryland Federal Case Checklist?

There is never a checklist because it is difficult to identify what is going on with a particular case. The actions we take vary depending on the case itself. It is difficult to say that there is a checklist with the same things to do every single time aside from identifying the key parties and speaking with our clients to determine what direction the investigation takes.

Constitutional Issues in Federal Drug Cases

The most important constitutional issues are under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. In the Federal System, constitutional issues involve whether the government can prove that the search or seizure of evidence followed the Fourth Amendment principles and guidelines. If it did not, the evidence should be suppressed from the court system. Usually, in drug cases, that is enough to mean victory for the defense.

Important Things to Look for when Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

A person should look for an attorney with experience handling federal drug charges. The relationship that an attorney has with the prosecutors and agents influences the information they are able to get from prosecutors and agents. An attorney who has a good rapport with members of the court may be able to negotiate a person’s matter on their behalf.

Additionally, the attorney should be very aware of constitutional principles involved in a case like this and have a mastery of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution so that challenges to the actual search or seizure of a particular premises or particular items can be made properly in court.

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