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Maryland Federal Drug Penalties

Federal drug charges are more serious than state charges due to the sentencing guidelines. In Maryland, the state has sentencing guidelines, but the federal sentencing guidelines tend to be more serious and expose the sentence to longer jail sentences than the state guidelines frequently do. In addition, federal cases are usually more thorough than the state police and prosecutors are.

In a federal case, there are more agencies involved and more resources. That is the combination that can make it hard to deal with federal prosecutions because the exposure, especially for jail time, is serious and the cases are usually put together very well by the federal police and prosecutors.

If you are facing Maryland federal drug penalties, you should seek the services of an experienced drug lawyer today.

Penalties Associated with Federal Drug Cases

The Maryland federal drug penalties vary from case to case, but the individual could be looking at several years in jail, expensive fines, and other long-term repercussions. Federal drug cases are governed by statutory maximums, which means a defendant could be facing up to 20 years or more. Factors that could impact drug penalties include the amount of drugs that are involved, what kind of drugs, if there were any violence or weapons involved, and if there were other issues such as money laundering.

Federal drug cases are serious and carry significant penalties. Usually, the federal government does not take minor cases unless they have to, such as an offense committed on federal land.

How are Penalties Determined in a Federal Drug Case?

As mentioned above, there are several factors that can determine the penalties in Maryland federal drug cases. Judges will have a sentencing guideline which is advisory and they usually follow them. The judge will look at the amount of drugs, the money involved, and if there were any weapons included in the crime. Also, the judge will look at the defendant’s criminal history.

If they do not have any prior criminal convictions or history, that reduces the penalties they are likely to face. However, if they have a long history of criminal convictions, that can factor in and does factor in to raise their sentencing guidelines higher.

Every now and then, there are mandatory minimum requirements in the statutes, but usually, the guidelines are what govern the range or set of the sentence they are likely to face and it is calculated in months.

Long-Term Implications of a Federal Drug Conviction

There are many long-term repercussions of a federal drug offense. First, the defendant is looking at jail time. Most federal drug convictions lead to imprisonment. The defendant may also be facing fines and be ordered to pay restitution. They might be required to forfeit the money that they made illegally. A federal drug conviction could impact a person’s employment. They might lose their job and have difficulties obtaining a job once they are released from jail. They could also lose their professional license. People convicted of a federal drug offense might lose their license to own a firearm.

A Defense Attorney Could Mitigate the Maryland Federal Drug Penalties

If you are facing Maryland federal drug penalties, you should consult with an accomplished criminal attorney today. A seasoned lawyer could fight for you and possibly help you reach a favorable outcome to your case. Call today and set up a consultation.

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