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Maryland Federal Drug Cases

Federal drug charges include a variety of offenses and can lead to significant penalties. Federal drug offenses tend to carry more severe consequences than state charges. If a person is facing federal drug charges, they should obtain a federal drug lawyer as soon as possible.

The amount of drugs can make a case federal in nature. The federal prosecutors usually only take drug cases that involve larger amounts of drugs, like kilos as opposed to ounces. The one big exception there would be if the criminal offense takes place on federal property. Sometimes people might get stopped on Baltimore-Washington Parkway and that stop leads to a drug arrest. It goes to federal court because the parkway is on federal land.

If you are facing charges, contact a dedicated attorney who is experienced with Maryland federal drug cases.

Most Common Federal Drug Charges

Some of the most common federal drug offenses include drug trafficking, manufacturing, and conspiracy. Federal drug charges are typically connected with larger cases that involve guns where the suspect or the defendant is eligible for federal prosecution. For example, if the Armed Career Criminal Act is implicated, and the person also has illegal drugs, they might charge those as well.

Federal Drug Penalties

Maryland federal drug cases are more serious than state cases because federal court sentences tend to be much more severe. In a federal case, the defendant is more likely to spend time in jail and for a lengthy period. The individual is also looking at expensive fines, probation, and long-term repercussions. A convicted person could have difficulties holding a job or finding employment. They may also lose their license for their profession. If the defendant is an immigrant, they could face deportation.

The penalties associated with a federal drug case can vary. The federal court uses the federal sentencing guidelines to determine what range of jail time would be appropriate. They are not completely binding on a judge, but the judges typically follow them. Federal drug charges can include life in prison, depending on the amount and what other charges might be associated with it.

Sentencing Guidelines

Penalties are determined by the federal sentencing guidelines. The amount of drugs tends to be a major factor in how the guidelines are calculated. They will also look at other factors like what weapons are used to protect the drugs and if that is the case, that adds jail time or increases the recommended amount of jail time. If there are other factors, like violent activity used to facilitate the sale of the drugs, that will increase the penalties as well. The sentencing guidelines look at a range of factors, but usually, the amount of the drugs involved is the key factor in Maryland federal drug cases.

Call a Maryland Lawyer About Federal Drug Cases

There are many benefits to obtaining an attorney if you are facing federal drug charges. A skilled lawyer who is knowledgeable about Maryland federal drug cases will know how to build a strong defense to possibly get the charges dropped or mitigated. Also, an attorney could work out a favorable plea deal. If you are facing charges, call today and set up a consultation.

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