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Bank fraud is a federal crime that can result in an accused individual spending years behind bars in a federal prison. Simply put, bank fraud refers to a plethora of illegal acts that serve to defraud a bank or financial institution.

Fighting back against bank fraud charges can be difficult on your own, but with the aid of a Maryland federal bank fraud lawyer, you can even the playing field and defend your rights in court.  During the trial, the prosecution will use evidence provided by law enforcement to make a case against you, and if you are unprepared, the court could find you guilty. Contrary to what many people think, it is possible to unknowingly commit bank fraud, especially when others are involved. Contact an experienced federal fraud lawyer to learn more about bank fraud and your legal options.

What is Bank Fraud?

Any person who is believed to have deceived a bank or financial institution in order to receive property or money can be charged with bank fraud. Like other white-collar crimes, bank fraud is prosecuted by the federal government and covers a wide range of behaviors. One of the most common forms of bank fraud involves providing the bank with false documents to obtain a loan or credit card.

Using false information to open a bank account is also considered bank fraud. If a person is charged with this crime, they will need to contact a Maryland federal bank fraud lawyer immediately.

What Behaviors are Considered Fraudulent?

There are several behaviors that can result in bank fraud charges. Some of these behaviors include:

  • Using stolen checks
  • Applying for a loan with the intent of declaring bankruptcy later
  • Posing as a bank or financial institution online to get others to deposit funds
  • Altering the name or amount payable on a check
  • Uses a false name or identity to obtain a loan or open an account

If a person has been accused of any of the behaviors above, they will need help from a Maryland federal bank fraud lawyer.

Defending Against Bank Fraud Charges

Individuals charged with bank fraud are not always guilty, but they will still need help from a Maryland federal bank fraud lawyer. Innocent individuals can be charged with bank fraud if any of the following occurs:

  • They unknowingly use false information provided by a spouse or business partner to obtain a loan, open an account, or apply for a credit card.
  • Another person uses their personal information to commit bank fraud.
  • Dishonest bankers or financial professionals coerce or mislead them into unknowingly providing false information.
  • Another person commits bank fraud (ex: spouse, child, business partner) using the true information they provided.

Bank fraud is an extremely serious crime, but if a person is not responsible, it is possible to mount a defense to the charges. Also, in recent times, many banks have been known to encourage innocent individuals to unknowingly lie on loan and credit applications.

When the person fails to make payments or the bank comes under scrutiny for its actions, it will often turn over the loan situation over to the federal government.

Speaking With a Maryland Federal Bank Fraud Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been charged with bank fraud, it is important to contact a Maryland federal bank fraud lawyer right away. An attorney will understand that you are feeling overwhelmed, and can help you defend yourself against the charges.

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