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Maryland Federal Sex Crime Charges

There are many actions that can result in federal sex crime charges in Maryland. This includes a person having sexual relations with a minor or anyone else who does not have an ability to legally consent. Depending on the specific allegations, a person could face years in prison and be forced to register as a sex offender. This can have long-lasting negative repercussions on a person’s freedom and ability to support themselves.

Therefore, if you are facing these allegations, it is crucial you work with an experienced sex crimes lawyer. A skilled attorney could thoroughly examine the circumstances of your case to build a strong defense to the charges you are facing. They could then advocate for your rights in and out of court to give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

Sex Crimes in Maryland

There are different variations of federal sex crimes in Maryland, including simple rape, which involves forcing someone to commit a sex act of some kind against their will. Lower level sex offenses can include unwanted touching, especially on more private areas of the body.

The highest level of a sex offense are felonies that concern forced sex acts, whether through the use of violence or through the presentation of a weapon such as a gun or a knife. An adult having sex with someone who is underage, and a person taking advantage of someone who is developmentally disabled or otherwise incapacitated due to alcohol or drug use are also serious offenses that carry significant penalties. An attorney could further explain the penalties that correspond with different Maryland federal sex crime charges.

What Makes Facing These Charges Intimidating?

There are many reasons why facing sex crime charges is intimidating. One of the most significant is that the person faces the risk of long periods of incarceration. Another potential consequence is having to register as a sex offender.

This can have an impact on a person’s ability to get or retain a job, a security clearance, and certain types of licenses. It can additionally impact their ability to visit or even be near schools. If they are in the middle of a custody battle, being a registered sex offender may hurt their ability to have custody of children. In other words, being convicted of a sex crime can have an impact on every aspect of a person’s life. Therefore, anyone facing charges for a sex crime should consult an experienced attorney in Maryland who could help fight back.

Fight Back Against Maryland Federal Sex Crime Charges

There is no offense that is treated more seriously than a sex offense. A conviction for Maryland federal sex crime charges means a person can spend decades if not the rest of their life in prison. Further, even after a prison sentence is finished, a person may be forced to register as a sex offender which can impact nearly every aspect of their lives. Therefore, anyone facing these allegations needs to have experienced and aggressive counsel representing them. To discuss your case, call today for a consultation.

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