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Maryland Federal Sex Crime Cases

In Maryland, federal sex crime cases cover a wide range of offenses. This includes lower-level offenses such as groping to high-level charges such as first-degree sexual assault. However, even the lowest level sex crimes can result in serious consequences. A skilled sex crimes lawyer could advocate on your behalf to work towards a positive outcome if you are facing charges.

Common Sex Crimes

There is a range of sex crimes that range from lower-level offenses such as groping to rape or first-degree sexual assaults. The latter are very serious felonies that carry long jail terms. There are other crimes related to human trafficking, offenses against children, and the abuse of positions of trust as well.

For example, there are sex offenses that teachers can be charged with if they are involved in sexual relationships with their students. There are also sex offense charges for people who are vulnerable, such as seniors with dementia or developmentally disabled individuals.

Sex offenses that involve two people who know each other and have a different understanding as to whether consent was affirmatively given are becoming increasingly common. In these cases, even if consent was given, sometimes the issue is whether the person was incapacitated due to alcohol or a drug. Those scenarios can carry very serious consequences for the person who is charged.

What Defenses Are Available?

In a sex offense case, usually there are two common defenses. One is the issue of consent. The charged person may argue that the other party consented to the sexual activity, though the other party may disagree. Sometimes, the party that alerts the authorities may be a third party, such as the parents of an underage person who allegedly has been victimized.

The second defense is to argue that the person charged was not involved. Mistaken identity is a less frequent defense, though, because of the existence of DNA identification technology.

Unique Aspects of Maryland Cases

In Maryland, federal sex crime cases are taken very seriously. The police are aggressive in investigating these cases and the prosecutors are aggressive in prosecuting the cases. However, sometimes they approach these cases with a little more skepticism than they do with respect to other criminal charges because it is possible that the claim resulted from a misunderstanding.

If a person is convicted of a sex crime, judges frequently give very harsh sentences. A charged person should take the situation seriously and contact a skilled sex crimes attorney for assistance.

An Attorney Can Be an Ally in Maryland Federal Sex Crime Cases

An accomplished lawyer who is experienced with Maryland federal sex crime cases could help a defendant in many ways. A defendant wants someone who has been through this process before and has a sense of how these matters play out. They also should look for someone who has extensive courtroom trial experience because they want to make sure that are prepared if the matter heads to the courtroom.

Finally, they should find someone who knows the courthouse and the key players. Knowing a judge’s history or the past cases of the prosecutor can help them advise the individual on how the judge treats similar cases, what kind of arguments to anticipate from prosecution and other factors. To discuss your case, call today.

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