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Building a Maryland Federal Sex Crimes Defense

Having an experienced ally who can build a strong Maryland federal sex crimes defense is one of the greatest benefits of an experienced attorney. A well-versed sex crimes lawyer could work to both gather evidence and analyze the prosecution’s evidence to help you tell your side of the story. Having a dedicated attorney by your side may give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

The First Actions a Sex Crimes Attorney May Take

The first thing a criminal defense attorney will do is protect the defendant’s rights. That includes determining whether a statement should be given. Suspects in a sex offense case should not give a statement to the police without first consulting an attorney. The statement they give may become the primary evidence against them in the prosecution of the case.

A lawyer also needs to determine whether a motion should be filed to see if a statement the defendant already made can be suppressed. This is possible if it was taken in violation of the suspect’s constitutional rights. Another issue is the seizure of evidence, specifically consent to turn over evidence such as DNA. A suspect should not do this without talking to a lawyer first because the evidence may be used as prime evidence against them.

An attorney could also help in the investigation. A person facing these allegations needs a lawyer who has a team with the ability to pull together information that supports their defense. This frequently includes interviewing witnesses who may have been around or heard some part of the events before or after the incident allegedly occurred.

There is going to be other information that is turned over by the police in the discovery process. The defendant needs to make sure they have an attorney who can analyze the information carefully to determine the best defense strategy. Sometimes, it might be negotiating a plea agreement, while other times it is a trial. They need someone who has experience in these types of cases to help them make an informed decision about the best path forward. If the case goes to trial, a person needs experienced trial counsel who knows how to handle these cases, who can make strong and persuasive presentations to the judge and jury, and who can present evidence on their behalf.

How to Build a Strong Defense in Maryland

The first step in building a strong Maryland federal sex crimes defense is to collect all available evidence. The stronger the evidence, the stronger the defense. Sometimes there are legal issues with the prosecution’s evidence that defense attorneys will need to take advantage of.

The defense attorney will also start interviewing witnesses or collecting other information, such as text messages, emails, or other communications. Sometimes, an expert’s testimony can be helpful.

The attorney may raise legal challenges in the form of pre-trial motions to try to suppress evidence or get additional information through the discovery process. This needs to be done as soon as possible so that the defense does not lose the opportunity.

Discuss Your Sex Crimes Defense with a Maryland Attorney

Building a strong defense in a Maryland sex crimes case is crucial. The stronger the defense, the better the chance of a positive outcome. Therefore, it is essential that you obtain an accomplished attorney right away. To discuss your case, call today for a consultation.

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