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What to Know About Maryland Federal Sex Crime Cases

Knowing what to expect in a Maryland federal sex crimes case can help you be ready to fight back. These are some of the most aggressively prosecuted offenses. Therefore, it is important to contact a skilled sex crimes attorney who can help fight back as early as possible. An attorney could explain the charges you are facing as well as how judges and prosecutors treat these offenses.

Evidence in Maryland Sex Crimes Cases

Evidence in a Maryland sex crimes case will include testimony from the complainant. The police officer may also collect physical evidence from the scene. Regardless of where the evidence is, they will test it for DNA. If the identification of the alleged perpetrator is in question, the police may use a rape test. They may try to collect semen or other body fluids that can be used in DNA testing.

There might be other types of DNA evidence, such as hair, that the police would also collect and test. Frequently, they will collect tape from 911 calls or recorded interviews and any nearby cameras. They will also try to collect phone records, especially if there are communications between the complainant and suspect.

Text messages, emails, or phone calls can be useful for review and at trial. Sex crimes investigations are often thorough investigations, especially if it is an alleged first degree or second-degree sex offense or rape. An attorney for the defense could thoroughly investigate the available evidence to find areas of weakness in the prosecution’s case.

What Makes Witness Testimony Unique?

Sex crimes cases frequently involve issues of consent. Testimony on that issue can, therefore, be critical. Also, sometimes police investigators can be more skeptical of a complainant’s testimony, especially if there are certain factors, such as a delay in reporting. This makes testimony different than testimony in any other criminal case. An attorney can further explain what makes witness testimony in Maryland sex crimes cases unique.

How Judges Treat Sex Crimes Cases

Judges take sex crimes cases very seriously. Sex offense cases are some of the most serious cases that they handle, so they give them a lot of attention. They also may impose harsher sentences in these cases than they might impose for other crimes. Therefore, it is imperative to work with an experienced attorney.

Discuss Maryland Sex Crimes Cases with an Attorney

When a person is charged with a sex crime in Maryland, the first thing they should do is call an attorney. The sooner they contact an attorney, the sooner an attorney can work to protect their rights and start fighting back.

The individual should also gather any available evidence as quickly as possible. This can include getting their phone records, saving text messages, pulling together emails. They should then give that information to their attorney.

They should also determine whether there are any potential witnesses who can help tell their side of the story. Call today for a consultation if you have questions about what to know about Maryland federal sex crime cases.

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