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Choosing a Maryland Federal Sex Crimes Attorney

Choosing the right Maryland federal sex crimes attorney for your case may feel overwhelming. It is important to work with an attorney who has both the appropriate legal experience and experience working in the local court system. It is also crucial that you work with a knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer who you have a strong relationship with. If you are facing federal sex crime charges, you should call today.

What Makes You Qualified to Handle Sex Crimes Cases in Maryland?

Our firm has experience in handling serious felony criminal trials. We have strong courtroom advocates who develop persuasive presentations to the jury, know how to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses and the police, and know how to put cases together in an effective way. We are also familiar with the judges and the prosecutors in the area.

Knowing the judges and prosecutors and how they have ruled in the past can be important factors in the decisions they make in the case. Also, we are very familiar with the law in this jurisdiction. We bring a lot of experience and skill to the table, and we are very aggressive and committed to the way we represent our clients.

Firm’s Approach to Cases

People who hire me tend to do so because of my experience and reputation as a criminal attorney. I have had this job for over three decades and have been a prosecutor at both the federal and state level. I was the state’s attorney for Prince George’s County for eight years. I have seen both sides of the criminal justice system and I have strong relationships in the local legal community. I taught criminal law and procedure at the University of Maryland’s law school for over 20 years. I also have a lot of experience in the courtroom as an attorney.

In addition, I have experience building strong, close working relationships with my clients. This is about their life, and their active involvement is going to be critical in these cases. I know the law better than they do, but they know the facts surrounding the event better than I do. It is important for us to combine those strengths and make a strong team that works well together.

Meeting with an Attorney

At the first meeting with a client, our firm will get to know the client. We also make sure they understand that we have an attorney-client relationship, which means that everything they say to us is confidential. Therefore, they can be completely honest with us.

An attorney needs to know all the circumstances surrounding the accusations to be able to build the best defense possible. If we do not know certain information, the prosecution can surprise us at trial, which can hurt the chances of a positive outcome.

Therefore, it is important that an attorney knows everything upfront and can evaluate the evidence accordingly. We can pull cellphones or text message records, emails, videotapes, and anything else that can help build a strong defense.

Speak to a Maryland Attorney Today

It is important to choose the right Maryland federal sex crimes attorney for your case. To learn how we can help in your case, call today.

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