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Cybercrime is a fairly new type of crime, and over the last few years, numerous individuals have been charged with using the internet to commit criminal acts. Computer networking technology is complex, and if a person attempts to defend themselves in court, there is a strong possibility they will not succeed.  According to most laws and statutes, any crime that is committed via the internet can be classified as a cybercrime, and if you have been accused of such a crime, it would be wise to hire a Maryland federal cyber crimes lawyer. A distinguished federal criminal attorney has local experience defending accused individuals and can help you build a strong defense.

Defining a Cyber Crime

At its most basic level, a cybercrime must be committed with the aid of a computer or technological device. Individuals may need the help of a Maryland federal cyber crimes attorney if they are accused of doing any of the following with the aid of a computer:

  • Altering, destroying, or releasing classified data or information
  • Accessing a private computer or network without the permission of the owner
  • Using false email source information
  • Infecting a computer or network with a virus
  • Using a computer to commit fraud
  • Using encryption to engage in criminal behavior

Contrary to what many people think, it is possible to engage in the behaviors above by accident. In the past, numerous individuals with limited computer knowledge have been coerced into committing cybercrimes by companies and other individuals.

Online Scams

Individuals can also be charged with a cybercrime if they are believed to have engaged in the following actions:

  • Phishing – Posing as an official entity to obtain the private information of others
  • Fake Rentals – Posting fake real estate rentals and requiring interested individuals to wire money
  • Fake Prizes – Telling an individual they won a nonexistent prize and requiring them to pay a fee to receive it

Identity Theft

When a person uses the identity of another person to engage in fraud, they are committing identity theft. Financial and government institutions, as well and the vast majority of private corporations, maintain enormous electronic databases that contain the private information of citizens. Often, these databases are not secure enough to deter hackers from stealing and using the personal information they store. Personal information can also be stolen from ATMs and other electronic devices.

Once someone has access to the financial information of another person, they can apply for loans, open credit accounts, and even obtain government benefits. Using a computer to commit identity theft is a serious cybercrime, and anyone charged with it should contact a Maryland lawyer familiar with federal cases.

Child Pornography

With the massive explosion of technology in recent years, child molesters and pornographers have taken to the internet. The federal government has an agency devoted solely to catching online predators, and if a person uses their computer to store, exchange, or request child pornography, they will face federal charges.

Sometimes, individuals will store their illicit photographs on the computer of another person to avoid prosecution. If a person is accused of this federal cybercrime, they should contact a lawyer in Maryland immediately.

Meet With an Experienced Maryland Federal Cybercrimes Attorney

If you are currently facing charges for any of the crimes listed above, you should contact a Maryland federal cybercrimes lawyer. Dedicated attorneys know how to handle cybercrime charges, and will do their best to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

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