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Hiring a Maryland Federal Criminal Lawyer

If you face federal charges, the first thing that you should do is look for a criminal defense attorney with experience. It is important to look for someone that has experience with this type of case, preferably in the same jurisdiction. In federal courts, the law is the same because there is just one federal criminal code, but the courts are all different. There are various judges, different prosecutors, and unique processes. Local rules govern the criminal procedure in the courthouse and those can have a big impact on how the case proceeds. Hiring a Maryland federal criminal lawyer who knows the law, the penalties, and how to defend your case, could be an invaluable asset. The attorney should know how to investigate the alleged crime and be familiar with the other individuals involved. An accomplished federal defense attorney could craft a solid case for you.

Value of Experience in Federal Cases

There are certain issues that are specific to a judge or courthouse. If a person’s defense attorney is experienced, the things that take place outside the courtroom can affect what happens inside the courtroom and in the case. The same thing is true with the prosecutors, the people attempting to put the person in jail or give them a criminal record. The interactions between the defense attorney and the prosecutor are extremely important. Every defense attorney has a different style but it is important to be effective. By hiring a Maryland federal criminal lawyer, an individual could ensure they have someone who could fight for their best interest every step of the way.

The law, the rules, and the cases are important, but it is just as important the attorney tailor their argument to the specific audience. Juries ultimately decide the verdict, but the judges and prosecutors have important roles in the adjudication of the case. When filing a motion, the defense attorney should know the kinds of arguments the judge likes or does not like. They should understand the process for obtaining subpoenas and be able to interact with the clerk’s office or get clarity on certain rulings.

Preparing for Trial

Federal criminal cases involve a great deal of preparation for litigation before the start of a trial. The majority of cases do not go to trial, they are resolved via plea. Sometimes, a plea is in a person’s best interest, but their attorney must get the best agreement possible. That involves an investigation of the case, legal analysis of the laws and rules at issue, and interpersonal interaction with the prosecutor to find common ground to obtain the best possible deal for an individual. A person should have an attorney or firm with experience in the law and with the crime for which the person is charged along with a solid understanding of the courthouse and the court system.

A second area that is important is the potential client’s personal relationship with the attorney. When hiring a Maryland federal criminal lawyer it is important to consider how comfortable a person feels around their potential lawyer. Their attorney is their advocate, so the person should feel 100 percent comfortable being honest and forthright with their attorney. Everything the person communicates to their attorney is protected. Their attorney cannot share any confidential information with the prosecutor, the person’s family, or their spouse without specific permission from the individual. The flipside of that is that the person needs to be comfortable answering all of the attorney’s questions. They should tell the attorney everything even when it is embarrassing, personal, or considered bad information. Whether something does not help the person’s case, makes them look guilty, or means they are guilty, they need to share all of that with their attorney. The attorney needs all of the information possible to represent the person and make decisions in a person’s best interests.

Role of a Maryland Federal Criminal Attorney

A person’s attorney works for them. That means the ultimate decisions about going to trial or accepting a plea offer should always be the person’s decision. An attorney can offer advice and tell you whether something is a bad decision and recommend against it. However, the attorney must always honor your decision. If you want to take a plea and your attorney thinks it is a bad idea, even though you still want to take the plea, the attorney should accept the plea and interact with the prosecutor to make that happen for you.

Your lawyer’s job is not to make decisions for you. Their job is to advise, counsel and give you all the available information. The attorney gives their expert and informed recommendation, but ultimately the decision is your decision to make. You should have a lawyer that you can trust and with whom you have a comfortable relationship. You need to trust your attorney and advice because the person gives you confidential information. In a criminal case, your liberty is usually at stake. You are not just facing financial penalties, you could go to prison. An attorney’s job is to get the best possible outcome for you. That might be no prison time, short jail time, or a complete dismissal of the entire case. It could be an acquittal at a trial or a not guilty verdict. Consider hiring a Maryland federal criminal lawyer that could always have your best interests in mind when building your case.

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