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Maryland Federal Kidnapping Lawyer

Individuals accused of kidnapping are sometimes prosecuted at the federal level, especially if they are accused of transporting an individual across state lines. These types of charges are more serious, and if a person is convicted, they can face jail time, enormous fines, and post-release supervision. Those charged with kidnapping at the federal level will need the help of a Maryland federal kidnapping lawyer if they want their charges dismissed or reduced. Before contacting a distinguished criminal lawyer, keep reading the following material to learn more about federal kidnapping charges.

Defining Kidnapping in Maryland

According to the law, kidnapping is defined as taking a person from one location to another against their will. It is also defined as holding a person in a confined space against their will, and often, it is committed in conjunction with other crimes, such as robbery or sexual assault.

Kidnapping can be a state or federal offense, and contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of kidnapping victims are taken by individuals they already know. If a person is charged with kidnapping, they will need a Maryland federal kidnapping lawyer on their side to mount a serious defense. This is especially true if the person is charged with other offenses in addition to kidnapping. According to the federal criminal code, individuals convicted of kidnapping at the federal level could face a sentence of 20 or more years.

State vs. Federal Charges

Kidnapping, as most people know, is a serious charge, and when a person is accused they can face state or federal charges. If a person is charged with kidnapping another person within a single state, they will be prosecuted by the state. However, if a person is accused of kidnapping another person and transporting them across state lines, they will be charged with federal kidnapping. States pool their legal and law enforcement resources when a person is kidnapped and transported across state lines, and if a person is charged with such a crime, they will definitely need the aid of a Maryland federal kidnapping attorney.

Kidnapping Defenses

Contrary to what the media shows, everyone charged with kidnapping is not guilty. As with every other type of offense, it is possible to make a mistake. Individuals who are charged with kidnapping at the federal level may be able to get their charges reduced or dismissed if their lawyer can mount any of the following defenses:

  • The accused individual was unaware of the presence of the accused. If a person takes a car and is unaware there is someone in the vehicle at the time, they are not truly guilty of kidnapping
  • The accused individual had the permission of the accused to transport them to another location
  • The accused individual was forced or coerced into kidnapping another person
  • The accused individual suffers from a serious mental illness or disability

A federal kidnapping lawyer in Maryland may be able to establish the defenses above in court.

Seek Help From a Maryland Kidnapping Attorney

If you are currently facing federal kidnapping charges, it would be wise to hire a Maryland federal kidnapping lawyer. Attorneys understand how terrifying federal charges can be and a lawyer will do their best to get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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