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Judges in Maryland Federal Criminal Trials

In contrast with judges who preside over state crimes, federal judges usually have more time to commit to a case because they do not have as many cases to deal with. However, when a case is serious in nature, whether it is state or federal, judges usually clear their calendars of other matters or have other judges assume the matters for them so they can focus their attention on the large scale case they are dealing with at any particular time. For this reason, if you are facing a federal charge you can expect for a judge to take your offense seriously and be attentive to any new developments that take place. This makes it imperative that those accused consult with a Maryland federal criminal lawyer, as an experienced lawyer may be familiar with the judges and the most effective defenses that can be put forth.

Role Judges Play During Felony Cases

The United States district judges preside over federal felony cases. It is their responsibility in a bench trial to determine what evidence is and is not admissible, and also determine whether or not the government met its burden of proof in prosecuting a particular case.

When the matter is a jury trial, the judge determines what information is and is not admissible for the jury to hear and what procedures are appropriate for the courtroom during the course of a trial. Also, whether the matter is a bench trial or a jury trial, a judge is responsible for determining the appropriate sentence in a federal case if a person is criminally prosecuted successfully and convicted.

Are Federal Judges Elected or Appointed?

Federal judges are usually appointed to the bench in federal court. They may go through a procedure of informal election after they are nominated to the bench based on a direct mandate from the White House.

What to Know About Federal Judges

It is important to know that federal judges take their jobs very seriously and are well aware of the law and guidelines on how to conduct a courtroom. So it is important to work with defense attorneys who have experience with the particular federal court system where you are handling your case. The defense attorney should also have experience with the judges in understanding the procedure and the law. He or she must also understand the judge’s particular temperament and how they like to conduct their courtroom and criminal trials.

Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Judges

One of the most common mistakes people make in the federal system is assuming that they can handle something on their own and they do not need an attorney to handle it for them.

Judges often advise people and make sure that they understand that while they are permitted to represent themselves, the nuances of federal procedure are so detailed that only someone who is an expert at handling these particular matters will know how to preserve their rights completely.

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